Table of Contents:


New - The Expansion of Words of Expression

New - Oh, how that Sweet Sound of Music Sooth's My Heart to Bring out the Poetry in me

New - There are 12 Abominations that GOD Hates the Most in Regards to Sin

New -  The Matter of the Heart, Mind and Soul

New - My Memeior's Jigsaw Puzzle

New - "Growing Up Was Hard For Me To Do"

New - “ The Society of Morons

New -  “ In God We Trust  

New - The Poetic Justice of it All

New - God's Mathematics is Elementary my dear Watson

New - Lucifer, Satan, the Devil = Trump

New - "Thy Kingdom Come"

New - That Day on Calvary

New - “The Shame is what Came to ouName 

New - The Tainted Heart

New -  If I had my Rather’s

 New - What does Cherubim Mean? 

New -  "The Confind Mind  Result of Cult"

New - God Made Me into Something Special

New - It's a bunch of Hocus-Pocus not to Learn  to Focus 

New -  The Definition of Time - as We Often Confuse it - as a Time Paradox

New - What is Magna Cum Laude?

New - The Jeremiah Factor

New - How it all Began

New - The Beginning

New - The Devil’s Fruit

New - The Heart of the Matter

New - The Wisdom of Truth For Food for Thought - that can't be Bought

New - Be aware all the half Truth you may have got hold of the wrong half 

New  - "The Genesis Factor "

New - E = Mc 2 God = TEX  "Theory of Everything  "

New From an early age of five Albert Einstein was a slow learner in school

New - Warren Buffett Says - “Integrity”

New - But, "who is God? " 
New -  The fact Is, It Is What It Is!

New -  The Tale of Lucifer 

New - Story of Lucifer His Status


New -  The Devil’s Goal is to Control Your Soul

NEW - The Origin and Fall of the Devil

New - We, the People

New - President or Not

 5 Common Misconceptions about Darwin

 5 Ways Our Lives Are Being Violated by Corporate Greed

7 Important Bible Verses About The Antichrist

8 conservative anti-poverty ideas that will make things so much worse:

A climate for change: The country’s sinking debate over global warming

New - A Snake in the Grass - will Bite your Ass

• Alpha and Omega of saga of events of importance

• Amateur Hour

• America’s own brand of corruption

• An untold story of corruption

• Angels, Humans, Spirits and Souls

• Anyone looking out for those left behind?

• Are Demons Fallen Angels?”

• Are there really Angels, Satan, and Demons?

New - As it has been written, by me:

• As would be - with the GOP - take a look and see - then you tell me

• As for me personally, "My Trust is in God"

• Atom of Adam Evolution's Theory

 New - Be aware all the half truth you may have got hold of the wrong half

New - Believe,  Ask and You Shall Receive

NEW - Beyond the Tachyon Theory

• Big Oil not only believes in global warming - they’ll profit from it

• Bonus column: Living day by day on minimum wage

 New - But, No One Wins When Ones Sins

New - But, who is God?


 Come on! It’s grade school mathematics, Marblehead

 Come Share the Terror 

  Complex (psychology)

 Conquests, Wars, Dictatorships, and Tyrants

New - Consciously-Responsibly

 Corporate Greed Effects on the Middle Class

 Deep-Deep Shit of World Trouble

 Deep out of Visual Sight!

 Despite grousing, voters rarely fire lawmakers

 Did Obama Forget the BP Oil Spill?

 Does evil exist 

 Dolphins, Humans Share 'Brainy' Genes

 Donald Trump is a real danger to America

New - Donald Trump is an Egotistical Insane Lamebrain of a Birdbrain

 that hasn't got a Clue for either me or you.

 Ed Schultz Exposes the Secret Trans Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement

 Education isn't for the Folly of Naught, But for the Wisdom of Thought

 E = Mc 2 = God = TEX "Theory of Everything"


 Eugene Robinson: Listen up ... science is telling us something

 Evidence for Reincarnation in the Bible

 Evil has had its way, but soon will have to Pay for Eternity

 Excluding humans, dolphins are the smartest animal

 Facts and figures on the Keystone pipeline

 Famous people and celebrities ... Who Don't Have a High School Diploma

 Famous scientists who believed in God

 Flying dreams


 For Future Generations Lyrics

  From an early age of five – Albert Einstein was a slow learner in school

 From Mind over Matter

  Given One Brief Moment in Time of Jerry’s and Mine

  God Made Me into Something Special

 God only Knows of how it Goes for Me within a Family of My Own

 God is Time and just as we, the Human's Species Conjured up Ours - He can End It!

 God's  Grand Scheme of Things

New - God's Mathematics is Elementary my dear Watson

 GOP, Bush Economic policy tax cuts

 GraniteOsauros Evolutions Journey

 New - Growing Up Was Hard For Me To Do

 Gun-related homcides

 Heaven Is for Real


 Hitler’s Legacy

 New - Hocus-Pocus is Not to Focus

New - “How it all Began”


 I am the captain of my soul.

New - In God We Trust

New -  Intellectual Distrust or Un-complicated Trust

 I Practice what I Preach

New - I want to go Home

New - I’m still counting on you Oh Lord

 Important facts about climate change

 In the arena


 Integrity Thinking of Bible verses

 Isaiah 53; - Daniel 9:26

New - I’ve lost all Respect for each and every one of the G.O.Ps Representation of Character

 New - it's a bunch of Hocus-Pocus – not to Learn to Focus 

New - Judgment Day  - is on its Way

New - Just be Aware - That you Are what you Follow

 Just so you know - a little more about - Me and Myself and I

 Kathleen Parker: The week that was ... embarrassing

 Keystone XL Pipeline Could Yield $100 Billion For Koch Brothers

 Koch Brothers Are The Largest Land Owners Of Canada’s Tar Sands  

New - Let me be Perfectly Clear

 Listen for I have Spoken

 Look, I’m not a sham I just am who I am!

New - Lucifer, Satan, the Devil = Trump

 Lyrics of destiny

 Mark Wahlberg article

 Mass Murderers

 Meet the fuckers

 Mental complex

 Millions of gallons of oil settled at the bottom of the golf after BP oil spill

 My Life Bestowed

New My Memoir's Jigsaw Puzzle

 My Political View of the Red and Blue

 My View: Join anti-corruption movement Saturday

 NASA iPad App Shows Earth Changing before Your Eye 

 NerverMind, Where is your Heart and soul - do you know?

 Newton, Darwin, & Einstein

 New Satellite Data Will Help Farmers Facing Drought

New - No! This is about the Good, Bad and Evil in People

 Nolte’s confrontation with morality

 Nothing short of a Miracle

New - Oh, how that Sweet Sound of Music Sooth's My Heart to Bring out the Poetry in me

New - Oh, my Lord God/Jesus  Almighty

 Oil Companies Rip off Customers

New - On the Wrong Side of  History 

New - On the Right Side of History 

 Oscar Mayer Letter

 Ozone Layer Facts

 Parched West Is Using Up Underground Water: NASA/UCI

 Personally, Of what will be with God in me

 Physicist Finds Out Why "We Are Stardust..."

 Poetry of Emotion - Dedicated to the "Young Family"

• New - President or Not

 Proof of Heaven:

 Reincarnation and the Bible

 Religions of Convenience

 Religions 4-Ws

 Representation Without Honor Representation without Integrity

 Republicans Can’t Let Go Ronald Reagan’s Economy Crushing Failed Policies

 Rope lighting indoor outdoor design photos


NEW - Speed of Light/Light-Year Info 

 Spiritual Flying Dreams

 Standard Coffee Service Awards for excellence ranking 2001

New - "Stay on these Roads"

 Study ties oil and gas production to Midwest quakes "Matt Damon"

New - Tachyon Theory

New - Temptation

 Thank God Almighty for my, “Guardian Angel

New - That Day on Calvary

New - The Alpha and Omega Integrity of Me

 The art of bull shit

 The Awesome Scenes of My Flying Dreams

The Background of my Downtown Playground

 The Bankruptcy of the United States is Now Certain

New - The Beginning

New - The Confind Mind – Result of Cult

 The Dawn of My Dreams - is to be able to - Once Again Ride the Wind of My Freedom

 The Declaration of  Dependence!

 The Defiant Jolly Green Giant

  The Definition of Time - as We Often Confuse it - as a Time Paradox”

New - The Devil’s Fruit

New - The Devil’s Goal is to Control Your Soul

 The Disciple-Aficionados of The Donald’s

New - The Devil’s Tools of His Trade

 The End Times - is where the - False Prophet Rhymes-with-the-Times

 The Etymology of the Conscious Unconscionable

New - The Expansion of Words of Expression

New - The fact Is, It Is What It Is!

 The Farmer of Our Soul

New - "The Five Fingers of Evil People"

New - The Genesis Factor

New - The Great Deceiver of - His Disgraced Believer

New - The Hand of Choosing that Guides The 5 fingers of Good, Bad and Evil in people

The Heart of the Matter 

New -  The Heart to the Matter

 The Histories place Genicide 1900 - 2000 century

 The Human Heart

 The Hypothesis Theory of Cosmology

 The Integrity of the Firefighter

 The Jeremiah Factor

 The Key to Thy Kingdom Come

 "The Koch Brothers, The God fathers of Greed"

 The Lord's Prayer

New - The Matter of the Heart, Mind and Soul”


 The Mirror of my Thought

 "The Norm of the Republican Platform"

New - The Origin and Fall of the Devil

 The Origin of Satan

New - The PhotoElectric Effect

 The Poetry of Poems - that Houses My Soul

New - The Poetic Justice of it All

 The Poetry of Emotion

 The Power of Money and Profit for Life

New - The Prelude of a Very-Very Dangerous Person

 The Reality of Time

 The Relevance of Time, By God’s own Design

 The Relevance of Time

New - The Reason is Treason

 The Root of all Evil

 The Rule of Thumb - for the Ignorant and Dumb

 The Science of Gods Earth


 New “The Shame is what Came to our Name”

 The Society of Morons

 The spoils of oil

 The Spoils of War of Gas and Oil

 "The Souls of We, The Human Beings are of The, Fallen Angels who fought alongside Lucifer"

 The startling increase in earthquakes across US is "almost certainly man-made"

 (The subconscious of my mind)

New - The Sweet Sound of Howard Bound

 New -  The Tainted Heart

 Now - The Tale of Lucifer

 The Treasures of Today

 The Truth to the Matter is the Matter of the Facts

New -  The Wisdom of Truth For Food for Thought - that can't be Bought 

 The United States of China

 The West needs a strategy to contain the world's newest rogue state - Russia

New - There are 12 Abominations that GOD Hates the Most in Regards to Sin

 There will be Hell to Pay - on Judgment Day

New -  Thy Kingdom Come

New - Thy kingdom Come - Thy Will Be Done

 To be or not to be that is the question

 Train of Thought

 Trump's Obsessive Ties - to his Massive List of Lies

 UN Says CO2 Pollution Levels at Annual Record High

 (UnderMind: Discover the 7 Subconscious Beliefs that Sabotage

 Unfortunately, from the Beauty comes the Reality of Beast

 Unrealistic Job Expectations Disappoint Graduates

 Unambiguously, there is a Difference between You and Me and that is,

 U.S. military casualties and the costs of war: Iraq, Afghanistan and post-9/11 conflicts

 You’re Life and How to Overcome Them)

 Warren Buffett Says - “Integrity”

 West Antarctic Glacier Loss Appears Unstoppable

 We are StardustWarren Buffett Says - “Integrity”

 We just can't take the risk.'

New - We, the People

 We're Destroying the Planet in Ways That Are Even Worse Than Global Warming

 What are carbon emissions?

 What does it mean that humanity is made in the image of God?

 What is the Interconnect-Equation between Human-kind and Space-Time?

New - What is Magna Cum Laude?

New - What the G.O.P. Truly represents to you and me

 What Trump’s tax plan reveals

 Where my Dream Came True

 Where did the devil come from?

 Where is the democrats outrage?

 Where is your Heart and Soul - Do You Know?

 While Obama Fiddles, the World Burns

 What does Cherubim Mean?

 Why Does Evil Exist?

 Why incumbents get reelected

 Why not the Republican Party?

 Why were all made out of stardust from Starstuff

 Will America Replay The Fall of the Roman Empire?

 Wisdom of the aged

New - Without God - in the Equation

Young at Heart

 You've got to ask yourself, is donald trump the antichrist?