"The Analogy of  "The Farmer In The Sell "




As a rule, when you think of farmers, you think of dedicated, hard working individuals, most certainly not pushy or self-centered in their endeavors. They don't think like that because of the nature of business they are in. They have to have fertile ground to plant their quality seed and then pray for good weather to make that quality seed grow. It is all in the hands of Mother Nature and God to determine their results.


As for us as representatives outside of the farming industry, we have the opportunity to be able to control and plan our own results, without having to worry about Mother Nature. We simply use what God gave us, our brain with common sense and the ability to think the right way. You can’t grow a healthy, prosperous customer base without planting quality seeds of attitude on a fertile ground of listening without  follow-up nurturing, It is all stated in the Analogy of,


The Farmer in the dell:

singing the blues.



#1 ... if you want to plant a healthy crop, you have to plant on fertile ground.


#2 ... If you want a larger crop, you have to plant on larger acreage.


#3 ... If you want to harvest a quality crop, you have to plant quality seeds.


#4 ... If you want to yield a healthy crop each year, you have to yield yourself in gear.



"The Farmer in the sell "

bringing Good news.


#1 … Prospecting for people with an open mind that can be educated by listening and paying

attention to what you have to say ... Then they can realize the difference.

A Presentation without a Demenstration is waisted Convcersation.


#2 … Think big not small and promote the whole program.


#3 … Quality products and not just price will do this for you.


#4 … One has to nurture with follow-up, as much as necessary.




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 Attitude Mindset   = You bet 



Designed ,Composed  and Written by Me




Don L., Johnson