Garden of Love




Symbolic of My Guardian Angel below the Tree

that has been There Everywhere

Protecting Me







     GraniteOsauros Evolutions journey  


   Megalosaurus dinosaur:


 Mica Stone



"Garden  of  Loves's Mica  Stone  Rock  Fountain"





For those of you who know or don't know me personally ... Your last impression may think of me as being a little extravagant or excessive with the lights in my "Garden of Loves" website, but when you feel the way I do about something beautiful to view ... you light it up ... just like from the start of when it first lit up my Heart ... as you can see in me with my family to be of the  "Garden of Love" as inspired from above and to see things perfectly clear ... you need to LINK right here to where the TOUR is for your sake to make or to break  / ... So, with you, its either do ... or say toddle loo. 


OH well - what the hellAs a one per-centerLet’s see what the 99% per-centers do for you to view ... However, think after you link LED Rope lighting indoor outdoor design photos


Just keep in mind that the Heart has many ways of expressing itself without professionalism and in this case, my Garden is and was done by my Heart’s design, thus the name of myGarden of Love” ... My life deals with what my Heart feels ...  from the past ... back to the way it is ... to the present.


I’m like that in everything I doIt’s my foundation of living a succession of personal expression …  I am of a sole soul of survival For without my Heart ... I simply fall apart, because can’t act the part. For that reason, I guess you might say that I could never be a movie starSo; I guess I’ll just have to forget about the Academy Awards. Nonetheless, there is more to me than what you seeYou have to feel it before you can see in me ... and that is next to imposable with a brain like mine to define! ...   ... With that said, I'll continue to say it again and again that



"My delight is that ...The Stars at Night ... reflect their ... Glistening Light 

yet we fail to see that it's ... God's ... Grand Making of ... His

Majestic Universe ... up and into Sight"




Whenever you put your Heart into it ... you defeat the Heartless.

As for me, only ..... God ..... knows the way my Heart grows.

And Day by Day ....... I humbly let Him guide my way.

The  difference  between  ... a  winner  and  a  loser,

can be the  indivitual  best of a wise chooser as

bearing insight when your Heart is right.


Composed, Written and Designed

By, Don L.. Johnson

As been signed








 This is all a part of the,The Human Heart  


Written  and  Designed  by,


Don L. Johnson