(  The Seven Steps Towards Achievement )

Right Thinking ------- is ------- Thinking Right


Good Thinking -- is -- Thinking Wise


and WiseThinking ---- Earns


the Metal of Respect of


how I Connect


In Other Words,


Come what May , I've Earned my Way





Success  is  led  by  a  Solid  Foundation.


A  Solid  Foundation  is  led  by  Understanding.


Understanding  is  led  by  knowing.


Knowing  is led by Learning.


Learning is led  by  Listening.


Listening  is  Defind.


by  an  Open Mind. 



If  you  don’t  have  an  open mind ... you  won’t  listen. If  you


don’t listen , you won’t learn ... If you don’t learn, you


won’t  know ... If  you  don’t  know, you  won’t


understand ... If you don’t understand


you'll never know that you could


or  you  can ... have  that


solid  foundation


of success 






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Aptitude - Ability


Latitude -Opportunity


 Attitude - Mindset -You bet 


Composed -Written and Designed by


None other than the -One who got it Done ,





 To me - a P. M. A.


Positive Mental  Attitude -  is Moving Ya  Forward.


Anything Less - Isn't  the Best.




Written, Designed  and Composed by,Me 




Don L.. Johnson