this  Biography

 isnt just for the Witted 

and or Smart, in as much as it

is about the Committed at Heart, because

a Good Heart will be able to Absorb the Meaning 

of its Subject Matter that Matters 

to the Subject there of,

The Heart.

Look, that said;

Whatever you Do whereas

 You may be Reading this Through  

Please-Please dont be Led to Think of me

as a so called Jesus Freak, Since

It is Only Jesus that I

 Seek Not for the Glory of Self,

But for the Ernest Biographical Story

 I’ll   Tell   whereas    the  Fact's 

Begins as Follows,


But Even So,

God Made Me Something


Even though I've been


a Bad Boy for




“When you Believe

(From “the Prince of Egypt” soundtrack)

Cover by Lucy and Martha Thomas






~~~ There is no way to ~~~

~ Explain the Miracles I Survived. ~

~ As My Heart and Soul ~ Lets me Know ~

~ that all the While  ~~~  when in Need of Care ~

~ My Guardian Angel ~~~  was always There ~

~ To Guide and Protect Me ~~ Each Day ~

~ From the Dangers ~  of Harms Way ~

~ The Hallmark of my Faith that ~

~~ Determined  my  Fate ~~

~  © Don L. Johnson ~






Goodness of GOD  















All of my Thought is Brought from my Heart


 From my Heart - to my Head - for my Words - to be Said


Yet, enthusiastically, my Heart Evolved way Ahead,


While Psychologically, my Mind - Stayed


way Behind - Emotionally You see, the kid in the 


video is the Light in my Life ---- that is still Hidden in Strife.


Even though - no one can know - where Odds Fits in - to where it Ends?


Well, neither do I --- and that is Why --- I am who I am? 


The Poetry of Poems that --- Houses My Soul














Education is what Remains after one has Forgotten

Everything he has Learned in School - For

only  one  who  Devotes  Himself

 to  a  cause  with  His

Whole Strength and Soul can be a

 True Master - So for this Reason Mastery

 Demands  all  of  a  Person


Albert Einstein


As Time is to Sales and Sales is to Numbers 

that translates into a Single Source that Matters --- T EX

Time/Matters  to  Numbers = without  Academics  for  Others ---

I Equated to Numbers where others couldn’t, because Time/Truly/Mattered 

 To date, I’ve Played by the Rules Inside the Heart of My Game,

   because the Rules Outside Weren’t Right of the Same.


Don Johnson





On the Humorous side of me, hello my fellow and or folks alike, First and foremost, starting from the present then proceeding into the past time of mine.I’d like to introduce myself as a prelude to my Biographical Memoir to whom, why  and the way ...I yam what I yam today.


My name is Don L. Johnson and this is my story. The nearest I can remember that day when I was on my way to my birth place here on Earth, is birth-tually nothing at all, but what I do know is that it all began around 3 am at the Mercy Hospital in Cedar Rapids Iowa but it was too late to escape that hole rum-a-dumb-dumb-outcome, because, out come me ... Donald Lee ... as to adore ... July 11, 1944...  


Speaking of turds, I know what the strain of the pain of being over due on that #2 is like, but not a 7.5 Pounder? NO SIR! And yes, I do know the difference between the exit holes, but it’s close enough to make me realize that women are much more resilient than men-in that category of a sorer-horror-gory-story  it’s sort of like all gain with no pain with the ken of men and that's not fair, however, as for me, No Offense lady's, it's not that I don't care to share, but if a choice be given for a painless liven ... that kind of pain for me ... wouldn't be ... for my cup of tea. and with that in mind ... you will find that ... I'm no fool ...salute    and surrender to you and out of respect, you be the boss lady ... and I don't mean maybe!


Look, I know what you're probably thinking by now, but a little sense of humor doesn't hurt anyone, unless you're a fuddily-duddily-stick-in-the-mud-turf-stuffed-shirt ...So, come on ...Get with it! ... Or your knowledge to be ... will only be ... with your imagination of me ... to figure out ... what I'm all about ... It's only going to be hard enough ... as it is ... But I'm still wondering how I survived being underwater  for so long? and feeling a Little Goofy about that. 


Imagination is good if it can be understood. All I can sayis that my Heart means to do right, while to some - my Mind may deem -    to be fluffy and light at Times ... It's just not my fault! It's Mercy Hospitals, because they wouldn't give me any mercy to the matter at hand ... So cut me a little slack OK? ...I promise you that if you do ... My quest will be to do my very best to keep your interest in mind ... as you will find from here on ... dog gone ...   ... OK!


My UN-Ordinary Story -

 As It Is, Was and Will Forever Be Told -

of Me through this, my  Biography 

 As Been Poetically Written,


"I Am A Child of God"

No Longer Slaves (Official Lyric Video) -


On the Non-Cartoonist Serious side, Everyone has their own Personal Story to be told - Here's mineI have to tell you this, As a Future Point of Reference - that Although the Heart that gives us Life after Coming into this Confusing World of Mine - The Heart that Normally Controls the Love to it - just wasnt Involved by a Planned Design of my Entrance into it Either Gratuitously Lending Me with a Childhood Complex of a Psychological Disadvantage with a False Sense of a Not Belonging - Especially, Due to the Traumatic Abuse that Followed While Growing up as a Child of Both Mental and Physical Abuse and Worst of all in Need of Love if even a Hug or two every Now and Than to give a Sense of Belonging - that just Wasn't to be for me - as have been Begrudgingly Proven throughout my Life's History of Leaving me with and or in a Confused, Distraught and Feeling of Naught State of Mind - that wasn't very kind to Me and with this, my Biographies Story.


Just as my Shrouded Complex have been to not Fitting in Socially into Society - I have never Learned what it is like. No, I Admit that I have Denied my Jealousy of Not Having My Own Loving Family as tAlways be there for me - Thus  Emotionally  Rendering me as an Outcast Throughout my Whole Live Long Life - of a Self-Inflictive Strife!


Look, if you were a Wannabe who have never Grown up within a Loving Family of your Own - then How the Heck Can you Inherently Know How it Feels Like - in order to React Correspondingly to the Fact - Instead of Subconsciously through the Act of an Attitude of Resentment that's Always Manifest in Real Time?


You Knowat my Current Age of 76 -  I've come into the Realization that We, whether Good, Bad, and or Ugly - Never Grow Up from Our Childhood Memories - All I Know is that - If my Wife of 37 Years should Die Before Me - I'll be Compounded with a Peril of Loneliness way Beyond the Limits of what Time will Continue to offer me since I Came into this Lonely World as an Already - Made to Order - Unwanted Burden - of what could Never Be for Me - Through out my Livelong Destiny


I guess that you could say that my life hasn’t been one of comfy and Harmony, other than the Infancy of my First Two or Three Years Arrival on this Disoriented Planet Earth from my Birth - I can only bring back to Memory of just a Couple of Feeling Good Moments as a Child through a Couple of Photos that I Retrieved after my Mother Past Away. And after Viewing them - It looked as though I had somewhat of a Normal Baby’s Life in a Couple of those Photos. - In other words, from the Photos that I Observed - It Looked as though I was what a Normal Loving Toddler would be at that age with my Mother - maybe even Somewhat Pampered - I don’t know, but I Remember None of it.


But even so, although, other than Standing on top of a highchair being Dressed up to go somewhere with my Dad, The thing is that I Remember the highchair but I don’t remember who was Dressing me on it. - The Ludicrous thing is that, I Remember Him Well of Holding my Hand - Waiting to Ride on a Bus as though it were some sort of a Carnival Ride? But it’s really funny that I don’t Remember what His Face Looked Like nor that bus Ride at all, but I Brightly Remember Him Holding my Hand and Felt the Love that He had for me and what it Felt like of having a Protective Loving Dad to Feel Secure with - Well, At-least, I Did for that short Amount of time before he died on me, but still Do right to this very Day - Again, even though He Passed Away on me. It was the Happiest Moment that I Spent with Him that’s been Forever Rooted and Frozen in my Mind that was Caring and Kind from a Reliable Loving Parent - Well, at least - One was better than None.


Again, Unfortunately, Time Continued on – with Nothing Else that came to Mind of having that Caring, Loving Feeling of Time Since those Two, Four or Five Years - at the most - without Fears and Tears from having Wounded Ears from being Slapped Across my Face from a new Stepdad that was Proven to be Bad for my Futures Welfare.



Who knows, maybe it Saved my Ass from being the Opposite of what I turned out to be without the Integrity of Success by Turning a Negative into a Positive Mental Attitude to be the Proven Best of the Best at whatever I Chose to be and Did Right to this very TodayYa see, the Proof is in the Pudding and I like that Taste from Putting it in my Mouth - Instead of going South.


“ Most people don't get it when I talk like this, but those same - Don't get it people - Didn't have to Prove themselves to themselves of their Worth Either - while they live and Breathe on Earth. You see, it's not the Start, but the Finish Line that really Matters of which sometimes Confuses the Select of the Intellect - Well, at least I can Die without have Liven a Lie”  but there is a Price to Pay as you Live each Day by Way of a Goal in Mind that Absorbs your Time away from Say like My daughter Who told me that I was a Bad Dad as a total Failure in her Life - By what I assume – was not putting her first where time cannot be Retrieved from what she should have Received - From that - Goal in Mind that Absorbed my Time - into being Totally Oblivious of being Absent of Mind of Regarding my Time of Being Spent WISELY - 


But you know what?  When I take on a Project - No matter what it is - I don't have a Stopwatch - to take a break - while my Time keeps Passing by to get things Done while I'm Still on the Run to Reach that Finish Line - that's Unbeknownst - in My Mind - to be on Time - Sooner than Later - into a - Destination, of a Relaxed Feel-Good - Personal Achievement. 


Honestly, when she told me that - I was completely taken off Guard with Disbelief - When she Bitterly told me that - of which is another reason that proves that I don't belong in a society of people - where my Time is in my own - not even family - Where I've Really been a Failure. 


When my time is up - I'll be going out the same way I came in to this world - as an nobody they care about. With the exception of my wife should she passed away before me - I will have absolutely nobody to sincerely be there for me - and I'm not exaggerating - This is the effect that I've had on people - by not taking the time to get to Know and Develop Personal Relationships with Either Family and or Friend - Unto my Life's End. With the Exception of this Website - Bottom line, - I Shouldn't have Entered into a World - where I Don't Belong - Where Understanding is Meaningless - into Society - as to Fitting in - from my Beginning to End - It was just not meant to Be for Me.


This following Full Length Video Movie pretty much Describes me at the age of 16 in the year 1959 at the Boys Farm SchoolHear My Song (Boys-Choir) - 2014 HD, in English, Boys-Choir Movie that Proceeds my Grade School Activity – of   Teach  Me  to  Walk  in  the  Light  ” video 


This Boy was Me and I was He - as pretty much of a Street kid.  My mother was an Alcoholic to. - Indeed, Talent comes from within and from within Talent Begins - with the Right Tutoring Teacher who would help bring out His Features - as the Boys Choir did with the other He - only the other Me - didn’t have Dustin  Hoffman around Often enough to keep me in Tune with what would come Soon to be without He - as an Undeveloped Talent - to go into a Deep Sleep - only to be Woken from an Unfinished Dream - So, unfortunately for me - I still have that Same Behavior of a Nonconformist Character that I’ve never Grown out of as to Characterize the Role of when I was Image of He.



No, I didn’t have the Inspiration of Dustin often by my side, but Equally I did with all the Staff Members, Teachers and the Principle of that Boys Farm School of 1959 that went out of their way to Support and Inspired me to be with the Integrity of what I am today and I did it - without the Support of Family by my Side -- Who NEVER Believed in Me --


The Heart of Love - is Indeed Stronger than the Mind - if it has the Need - to be Caring and kind - of which I've Never been able to Find - Not in my Life Time, but - to Bad - So Sad - Right?! - The Flavor of Behavior is when You've got No Time to Waste on a Food for Thought with No Taste - And I've Never Ever been on that Menu


Henry  Mancini encouraged me to seek out a Teacher to Learn how to Read and Write my Music  and for my short stay of a year’s class of 1959 at The “Boys Farm school” Just as Dustin  Hoffman did with the other me - The Staff and Principle of that school Personally Invested Their Time that Did Encourage and Supported me as would be of my Futures Success of me. No! I didn’t have the voice, but I did have the choice that would prove to be of the successful me into the real time of mine - to be able to encourage you to be like me successfully – through my tools of success. Remember, that Talent comes from within and from within - You Too Can Win - with the Latitude of a Positive Mental Attitude that sometimes gets Mistaken for Bragging! But remember, Michael   Jordan, Won 6 MBA Championship Titles, because of His Positive Mental Attitude to be the Best of the Best! - Just as you would do with anything that you Choose to do - as in a Butcher, Baker and or a Candlestick Maker - a Nurse, Doctor and or an Undertaker - So whatever you do, don’t be of a Faker, but Try to Be the Best - before you Rest.




However, my Success to be the Best was through a Positive Mental Attitude as in myAcronym P.H.O.N.E., The Farmer In The Sell and The Seven Steps towards Achievement  where most people get Confused with Bragging, But even so - if I did - I have More than Earned the Right too just as I've Got the Proof - AchievementMedia  I have Never Known any other Way of Defeating what I Really Needed the Most in Life - from the Start with a Loving Family Coming into this Screwed Up World! - But it just Wasn't to Be for Me - And So it Really Messed me up - as an Outsider of a Fighter - Emotionally for Equality!



So in the 2nd place, I have Found that it is No Longer a Kind of Conundrum to Realize that God Doesn’t Abandon the Heart and Soul of a Person’s Being that He Deems to be True to Him as I've Consciously Been of which "even though I've been a Sinner all my Life with a Really Bad Attitude He still Accepts Me for Me of Who and What I Stand For as a Faithful Person of Value - As my Quest has been to Represent Him Best of the Status Quo of what I Know to be True from My Heart - Just as it has been Written Right Here on This, My Website. 


There is No Doubt in my mind that God has assigned a Guardian Angel to Guide and Protect me throughout the Ups and Downs of my Life - Also I have No Doubt that God isn't using my Heart as a Tool to Write what I Write with the Guidance of my Guardian Angel - as I am not an Educated Writer.  This was a Question in my Mind that I had when I felt the Pressure to do the Impossible – Especially, when it was Probable for the Professional to do it Right - that is when I was told that He Doesn’t call the Equipped that He Equips the Called - Anyhow, who talks like that? I know that my Mind Doesn’t, But both Day and by Night there seems to be no End in Sight to what I Write On my website - as in Over 225 Essays ago. Now, I can actually Teach the Teachers the Correct way to do it as to be More than Able to Attract the Attention of their Readers. 


The Bottom line is that God is Using me as His Tool To Try To Get Through To Before it is Too Late For To Escape from Hell's Gate - Hear Me



I know the Lyrics aren’t quite the same as the Beautiful Original Lyrics to the following Song, but the Voice and Music is Beautiful that I can’t help to Feel it in my Bones to the point of writing my own Words to the music. I hope they won’t be upseting, because nothing can come close to replacing theirs. Besides, I am non-for profit promoting their

song - In a Heartfelt way - I Love this Song 


- A-ha -

 "Stay on these Roads"

Original Lyrics


The cold has a voice
It talks to me
Stillborn, by choice
It airs no need to hold

Old man feels the cold...
Oh baby don't
'cause I've been told

Stay on these roads
We shall meet, I know
Stay love
We shall meet, I know
I know

Where joy should reign
These skies restrain
'Shadow your love...'
The voice trails off again

Old man feels the cold 
Oh baby don't
'cause I've been told

Stay on these roads
We shall meet, I know
Stay love
You feel so weak, be strong
Stay on, stay on
We shall meet, I know
I know
I know, my love, I know

Feel the cold
Winter's calling on my home


2 - Versions



My Lyrics


- This Road has a Voice -

- and it Talks to me -

Said Follow the Way -

- that I've planed out for you - to go -

- Oh Said - Feel your Heart - Said Feel your Soul -

- Oh so - they can know -  just why you should -

- Stay on My Road -

- To find your way -

- I know -

- Said, Stay on My Road -

- Where we shall meet -

- I Know - I know -

 - God - talks to me - This I do know -

- Said, don’t lose your Faith -

- for your Heart - won't Feel the same -

- then your Soul - can be no more -

- Oh, Feel your Heart - Oh, feel your Soul -

- So, they can know - just why they should -

- Stay on My Road -

- Where, we shall Meet - I Know -

JustStay On My Road -

-Where We will Meet - to belong -

- So, Stay On - Stay On - We will Meet - I Know -

- I K-----------------------------------------now -


I know - where I'm going Home -

- Feel your Heart

Jesus - is Calling - on my Soul - oh oh ah -

- Stay on My Road

Where, we shall meet - I know -

- Stay on My Road

Where, we shall meet - I know -


So, Stay on----------on-on - I know-----------uh----uh----uh-uh-ah-

Stay on - stay on - I know - I know---------oh-ohohohah-

Stay on----------------------------------------------on


my Lyrics

Don L. Johnson




The Alpha and Omega - Integrity of Me



Seriously, as with me, everyone has Their Own Stories to be Told about their Lives - Some Good and Some Bad - Some Happy and Some Sad - Just the way they've been Had - to Wonder - Forevermore - Why Me and or Why for?  



But, nevertheless, regardless, as the saying goes, "that's the way the Cookie Crumbles" or I would have thought that they would have Eaten it - Wouldn't you?  Even so, Their Stories are Compilations of Events that are Forever Etched into the Memeory of Their Own Personal Backgrounds of Biographical Memeoir's - Such as Mine to Define - as follows,




To start, with the Fortunate Exception of My Beautiful Wife and Partner Judy for 36 Years as opposed to the rest of this Saddened Disingenuous World of Hypocrisy - Just as My Heavenly Guardian Angel has Guided and Protected me from this World Outside of Mine throughout my Life - Judy was Unbeknownst Guided into my Life as My Living Guardian Angel who keeps me from Spinning Out of Control that Soothes my Soul.


So, right to this very dayI've Had Two Guardian Angels looking after me - Come on! What More would a Guy Ask For?  There is no one that could Take Judy's Place should anything were to Happen to Her and Unfortunately No One that I could Trust and Count on that Would Sincerely Be there for me if it were to Happen, but What I could count on is that I will be Home all Alone with a Broken Heart within an Abyss of Sickness for the Rest of My Life For this Reason - I Pray to God that He  takes me 1st rather than to face my Worst Fear of being Alone without Her - as well as being at the Mercy of Those Who Could Care Less about Me.




Look, I know that I'm not a Person that is very well Liked and Least of all Loved, because I am a Person who can't Hide His Feelings from View like "Quote Unquote" Normal People Can Do - So, all things considered and taking into account of the way My Life has Evolved with People Supposedly of Sincerity, especially towards me Today.  


Well, to me, the Heart is in the Details and the Details are in the Story and the Story Reveals the Truth "as it is" when your - F.C.S.I. "Feelings Can Sense it- just as Mine Can - with Family, Friend and or FoeIt's like me being a Square - Trying to Fit Into a Smaller Round Hole - with People I Should Know in this Incompatible World of Society - Gone Wrong - Like an Alienwhere I've never Belonged.



Again to me, if there isn't a Sincere Heart to be Found - then it's just as well as not to be Around anywayBasically, this is why I am a Lonely manbut even soI'd Rather be Alone then to Condone the Disrespect Towards Me and My Integrity for which My Character Stands for within the Feelings of My Heart



As a result, I could Care Less of Who You Are Near or Far and Ditto to Where You’re From or what You Say you have Done and I could care less whether you are of FamilyFriend or Foe or what you May Think You Know and Ignorantly Judge of Me Personallybut what I do care about is of the Present/Time out of this Space/Time of Mine of How and What "You" may Think of Me "Respectfully" towards my "Dignity" and that "YouUnderstand Who I Am not just for How I was Born into this Saddened Worldbut Despite all of My SinsHandicaps, Imperfection and My total Failure of Understanding People Including, but not Excluding Family Members, especially when Sincerely Needed for Support, but Even though I've always known that I didn't Belong to and or Fit Into this world with People, Still with God's Help and Guidance - I was Able to Successfully Overcome and Conquer it - to the Best of my Abilities Worth - ever Since My Birth.


Who you are is How you Think and How you Think is Who you are.

All I Know is that God Love's a Genuine Sincere Heart and so do I.



If  your Heart can’t  accept  a  person  for  whom they are,

They’ll Never Ever Measure up to Your Par,

for If your Heart is not Right  then

your Mind won't be either.

Don L. Johnson






I'm not bragging, Well maybe a little, but I'm just simply stating the Truth to the Fact that anything that I've ever Pursued with Interest - no one came even close to my Ability to Produce Productively - Way beyond what was Expected of me - Why? Because I put my full Heart and Soul into everything I've ever Pursued and Done with Interest - and still doI didn't do it just for the Money - in as much as the Dignity - For which I stand to be the Best At whatever I Chose to do - As is Continued through to this very Day.


The one Position that I enjoyed the most was being a D.S.R(Disturber Service Rep)Selling and Maintaining Hotel and Restaurant Accounts or any other place that Serves Food such as, Produce, Seafood, Cheeze, MeatFrozen foods, Can goods and Restaurant supplies and Equipment etc. - Anything Needed to Improve their business.


I sold for I.F.P. (Illinois Fruit and Produce) the Largest Food Distributor in the State of Illinois, The Largest Food Distributor in the Country (Sysco Foods) out of Houston, Texas, but the Longest Period of time was with (Dierks Food & Produce) the Largest out of my Hometown of Rockford, Il and Geograhic Metropolitan Area for 9 Years.


They had a Different sales Contest Going on every Single week that lasted maybe a week or so at a Time. This may sound a little Ludicrously Crazy, but Ludicrous as it was, but True - Because of my way of Thinking, I won every Single Contest From day one to the Last day done of my 9 years, Why, Because A Presentation without a Demonstration is wasted Conversation see My "Acronym P.H.O.N.E.- It's Impossible to Teach the Unteachable the Right Way of Thinking. Mainly because they don't have the Heart nor Character that I do - You can't Teach a Cat how to Bark or Vice a Versa - for I have found that it just is what is - as a Lost Cause!  I know, because I tried as a Supervisor with Frustration. 


I'm sorry but True - If you're taking all of this Wrong - It's because you don't Know or Understand me Any more than my peers didIt's because I have a P.M.A. (Positive Mental Attitude) with the Ability and Attitude to be the Best of the Best and have Proved it Over and Over - throughout my Life - I never knew any other way to be and Had Fun on the Run in doing it.



If you have any problems in Believing in what I say, Well I Wrote the Book in what it Took for Me To Be The Best from all the Rest - Click on my (The Seven Steps towards Achievement), The (Acronym P.H.O.N.E) and (The Farmer In The Sell).  




And the (Media and Achievementfor further Proof from further Magazine Articles, Awards of Excellence and Letters of Recommendation from Major Companies such as Oscar Meyer and Eckrich Food Service - Walla, Letters  


Eckrich Food Service Division -

9400-9420 Foster Ave. -

Chicago, IL60556



Dear Don;

While Reviewing the Muscle Up Contest Results that was run nationwide, it became readily noticeable that you are a strong supporter of Eckrich,


With the 430 Distributors we have on Board, and the Sum of 5000 Sales People that Entered our Promotion, I Am Quite Pleased to Report that you were able to Finish in the Top 3%. Dennis Brodsky our District Sales Manager, has talked about you and your Find sales ability, well it's certainly shows



Once again thank you for your fine support,

Good selling,

Eckrich Food Service

Jeff Huffman - Click here, Eckrich   

Central division sales manager JH/ks

cc: Dennis Brunke





Oscar Meyer & co. general offices - PO Box 7188· Madison, WI 53707

February 27, 1881

Mr. Don Johnson - Dierks Foods - 1616 Elmwood - Rockford, IL 61103

Dear Don:

I feel that because of the results of the past 2 Oscar Meyer – Dierk’s promotions that you deserve some special recognition in my personal thanks! You alone sold more Oscar Meyer products during the last promotion than all of the other Dierks salesman combined.


I realize that Oscar Meyer products are not necessarily the easiest to sell, and thus I have a great deal of respect for you and your ability to sell the quality of a product over and above the price. I also realize you are my staunchest supporter and most economical form of advertisement!


Don, I feel very fortunate to have a salesman such as you working with me. Thank you very much for your fine effort during the promotion, and keep up the great work!


Sincerely, Nancy M. Renda - Oscar Meyer sales manager -  Oscar Mayer 





And the one that I'm Really Proud of, is the Magazine Articles of being Awarded Salesman of the Month in the 1983 ID Magaze  Click here, Nifda  the Highest Honor one can get in the Food Industry where you get Recognized by each and Every Food Distributor in the United States. Once Being in it - It's like being Inducted into the Hall of Fame in that Industry - it's Hanging on my Wall Right Now as I Speak - Also you'll be able to Read the Full Magazine Article on my Website. WellI think you get the point that I am Alluding to.




Anyway, enough of that, because my back is getting Pretty Sore from my Stretched out Arms and HandsAlthough it did make me Feel Good Reminiscing the Challenges of Accomplishments of what I'm MissingI Really Loved it!



So in effect, Understanding is Believing and Believing is Receiving. Well, I have Earned and Deserve the Right of Respect to Be Me, Who, What and the Way I Am "Here and Now", but more importantly, I did it without Shame Attached to the Dignity of my Name


Did you know that at one Time they (The ones who thought they Knew Him Both Family, Friends, and Foe) thought that Albert Einstein was a Slow Learner and or Retarded - until they Learned that He was a Natural Born Genius?


There is one thing that I know for sure and that is that No one has a Perfectly Flawless Record, but, if you don't Believe in a Person's Character you're not going to Respect Him eitherThat saidFor any reason, Nobody looks down on me and gets away with it - without a Fight - and I don't care who you are!




So, to whom this may concern, If you're Feeling Uneasy with the Content of what I Write and or Think - Then you will Feel the Same by being Around Me Personally as a Person not Perceived as your Equivalence or Equal If you will. This is not a Scientific Question, but Why would you Want or Try to Equate Yourself with an Unviable Answer - that is not Directly Workable?



This is not a Matter of Physics in as much as it is to being Unassuming - If or when I Feel someone Looking down on me - They will not see me Again - Given that they are Spaced Out in Lacking the Mass and Energy to Equate to the Understanding of all that I Am - that Matters to Me - Basically, this is why I am a Lonely man - Inside of My Own Universe - Without a Denominator - to Equate to! - In other words, the Hypothesis of the Equivalence of - me=you2 - of which Doesn't Equate.


 I know the Equation within My Heart.

What About




Look, to whom this may concern, I could care less whether you are of blackWhite, Red or Blue or any other Color of you or Choose, but what I do care about is what is Good over Bad and Bad into Evil where the Devil Wins each time we Sin!  as I Reside on God's Side where I Write the Wrong’s where God Belongs.


Simply put, as one of God's "Loyal Aficionado Disciples" I/B the Devil’s Worst Enemy within the Ultimate Battle between God and the Devil - as 4/score Worth Fighting 4/for and 4/score End/2 Winning God's  War!





----------- Likewise, -----------

My Faith in Jesus Christ or God  is as 

Solid as a Rock as a Part of Me and Always Will Be. -

I don't push it - and as you can see - I don't Hide it either, but

 if I can make a Difference in Anyone's Heart by Being a Good Example 

by not Hiding it, then to this end, let this be the Eternal Legacy

of the Alpha and Omega --- Integrity of Me towards








 My Life Bestowed






Lastly and more Importantly

Noon of Us have been without Sin most

certainly me,  There is no Halo Hanging over my

head, but I know that I've already been Forgiven for the Sins

that I don't Forgive myself for By, the Man Upstairs Who really Cares

Designed,   Composed and Written by 

Me, Don LeeJohnson





There is an old adage of mine that describes the Feelings within  

my Heart and it goes like thisIn Life you will find that 

there is a Reason for Everyone you Meet Some

with Integrity and some with Duplicity






Some will Use you - to Abuse you,

Some will Teese you - to Deceive you,

Some will Contest you - to Test you,

Some will Beseech you - to Teach you,


Butmostimportantly -aretheones, 

Who Sincerely brings out the Best in youRespect

you and Accept you for who you are.


Those are the ones - Worth Keeping Around.

DesignedComposed and written by

Don L. Johnson




I am who I am - just as I've been Faithful and True in Lieu of God and or Jesus Christ and or Either or my Guardian Angel that had my back Looking after me through Thick and by Thin - even though - just after I've Sinned... All I know is that I have had Unexplained Miracle after Miracles throughout my Life to Convinceme that Something was Inexplicably Happening to me Way Beyond my Control, Yet, All the while Missing the Closeness of Human Bonding...


As a result, throughout my Life - In Lieu of my Passing Years - I Have Seen and Enacted on Constructive Things that others couldn't Comprehend to See that has Turned me into a much more Focused and Perfected Person of Character, but at the Expense of not Fitting in with no matter who or where I've been especially, within the Role of a Social Status Quo


Because I Am a Difficult Person to Figure out what I'm all about, Nobody has ever been able to get to Know the Real me Personally yet, Naturally & Including, but not Excluding the Result of being my Fault within Dubiously, Family and Friend, Simply because I've never known how to Instinctively Interact Intimately with People as to Fiting in - Again,


Simply Because

I am Oddly Different in

the way I Express myself to the

point of, not even The Wizard of Oz

can Magically Waive His Wond to Create the

Bond  Between  me  with  People as

forever  being  Stuck  in  the

World  of  Ozland  to



All things considered, when you think about itthere are Approximately 7 1/2 Billion People other than myself Living on our Planet Earth that could tell you much Worse Stories that would make mine look like I've Lived a Life of Glory Compared to being at the Mercy of a Dreadful or even a Hellish Environment such as the Holocaust etc.)When you think of it in that way My Story was one of Glory Irrelevant In comparison! That said, with Appreciation - I have been so Fortunate to have had the opportunity to have taken Control over my State of Affairs and or My Requirement of Environment to my Absolute Benefitto where it is Today to where I would have to Say is a Happy Endingthan that of the Beginning.For those who have known me with the Wrong Impression, a PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) doesn't always mean that you are Egotistical it means that you are Proud of your Accomplishments Despite all the Handicaps without Hiding it Particularly, as with me.




Keep in mind of  Albert Einstein’s” quotes while reading Every Part of my Biography ... as I only have a ninth grade education, but there is a reason, place and explanation for Everything that I write forward and backwards from the beginning to end... with better understanding ... as you read from my Biography ... Link Famous people and celebrities ...Who Don't Have a High School Diploma - as in their own Successful Reich...



Believe me, there is nobody harder on me than me” and if I were born double jointed ... I would have physically kicked my gluteus Maximus(buttocks) many times in my life, However there is no way that I would allow ANYONE Else to take part in it, as I have a thing about ... that makes me fight back.





I just want to say that ... not everyone can be in a position and or afforded an opportunity to pursue ‘Quote unquote’, a proper Education relative to a social status into a piety of a higher society … In others words the goal of getting richer quicker with the quality of what money can buy till you die ... Now that’s the jest of it, but the reality is utter ability … And I would be less than honest with myself ... if I didn’t point out ... of what my life was and still is all about as too where credit is due "as I know and feel that I am NOTHING without "God" in my life". Like the saying goes ... If you are dealt a lemon ... make lemon aid out of it ... Quench taste not waste ... The equation is with your imagination,



Knowledge and Imagination



Seriously,  this  key focal point parallels my way of thinking about  "Knowledge and Imagination". It's my main topic presented by Professor of  Science, Astronomy, Physics, Quantum Mechanics and  Logic of Professor of physics Dr. "Albert Einstein's" quotes that referred to Education and Knowledge  referring  as to High school and higher education from College and or Universities alike ... enlighten of the following,



Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything they’ve learned in school

 “Logic will get you from A to B …...... Imagination ......... will take you everywhere

The true sign of Intelligence is not of Knowledge .............. but Imagination”

 “The only thing that interferes with my learning ...... is my education”

The only source of ........................... Knowledge is Experience”



I have wrestled with the thought of understanding his reasoning behind his thinking in regards to this subject matter and come to the conclusion that you have to understand him in order to understand what he meant, because Education and Knowledge is very important, especially in today’s society So what I did is to put the content into its place of context ... and so here it is,



From nonsense to common-sense … of what wasto what is

Knowledge only Begins … when Imagination Wins…

In other words, if it were not so

We wouldn’t have evolved from a ... Homo Sapiens Mentality...

Into what we NOW View, Know, and Experience as living in a Modern-Day-Reality...

All Inventions ...... are of the Participations of Human's ...... Imaginations...

Including Science and Technology within its Study of Psychology”.






Contrary to what one Believes,

No matter how Smart and or Educated

a Person Thinks of Themselves ....... It is Wisdom

And Imagination that Supersedes ….... Their Proud Image

For without Them you have an Unstable Mind with a Broken Heart.


Composed, Written and Designed by,

Don L.. Johnson




It is quite ironic that Dr. Albert Einstein would have such quotes like that being that he was a professor at Princeton University himself, isn’t it? But, I understand what he meant and agree. I’m not saying that one shouldn't waste their time on higher Education to get through whatever Knowledge from College or to overcome adversity from a university that they'll never use to be abused by it ... No big deal, it's just the price that you pay for it ... After all, isn't that what student loans are for as to get you poor? All I can say is that it wasn’t meant for me and I still survived successfully without it and most of all, I didn't have to moan over a student loan ... you say you don't believe it then (Check onto the Media and Achievements sections of my site)


The Bearable Parable of Me: Two Puppies Fall Into a Large Vat of Milk - One Climbs Out as in Doubt ... while the “Other  Stays in - Determined to Swim ... Around and Around He Goes - Faster and Faster He Chose - until He Churned that Milk into Cream, Thus, Churning Himself into the Cream of the Crop, because He Didn't Stop... So you see - the Other of He - was the Moral Story of Me...


Look, I'm not trying to be insensitive or facetious about this subject matter, but it is true that it was my Imagination along with sheer will-power, fortitude, and determination that got me through to what I wanted to do. So, I planned my work ... then worked my plan ... around the things I knew of what my ability could do ... Just Like anyone else with the proper attitude can do .... Links → Acronym P.H.O.N.E. → The Farmer In The Sell → The Seven Steps towards Achievement ....


Here’s another piece of food for thought that can't be bought and that is that Jesus Christ” Himself had very little educational schooling let alone of what we call today of a "Quote unquote" Prestigious University of Higher Education such as, let’s say, Princeton University where Professor Dr. Albert Einstein's famous quotes still hang in what was once his office, Georgetown,  MIT, Penn State, Yale, Stanford, Cambridge, Berkeley, California Institute of Tech, Manchester, Oxford, and of course, Harvard Universities etc. I only used these universities as an example of what I meant by a proper Education relative to a social status into the piety of a higher society whereas only the spoiled rich can attend, because mommy and daddy paid for it to follow in their 1% footsteps or have the brain of a scholarship to get excepted of which would have been earned ... Link "Disappointing College Graduate Employment"  and  "Unrealistic Job Expectations Disappoint Graduates" 


I wouldn't be so hard  on the (1% Upper class) with their cash ... if only they would be aware to pay their fair share of it towards the burden of tax without the greed of cheating out of it like they gluttonously do ... only take advantage of the disadvantaged of the  (lower class 99%  per centers) struggling through student loans ... Simply put,  the playing field isn't fair, because of the Heir of Greed! ... I reside on the side of the  "equality of fairness" whereas  the Integrity of a (100% per cent) should be.


It was said that what little Education there were in "Jesus's" period of time between the ages of 5 through 13 years were taught at the Nazareth synagogue of grade school level, but mainly home taught. Their subjects were primarily on reading and writing, in areas of behavior and value, learn to avoid having dealings with violent people, to suppress all feelings of bitterness, and to avoid favoritism of which I would have failed miserably ... But even so, these courses should be the Integrity of the main courses taught in ALL of our classes as of today ... including all of the prestigious universities as in the before mentioned categories "quote unquote".


In Jesus's days, they didn't have what would be called ( "core courses" or "general education courses") deemed essential for an academic degree or elective courses that tend to be more specialized known as a major in medical, chemistry, biology and or physics etc. I think you get the gist of it ... Link Where Did Jesus Go to School?


Comparatively speaking in today's standards, it would be like 90% Illiteracy of the courses that is mandatorily taken in today's High School classes let alone our college and universities compared to 10% Literacy classes such as Reading and Writing of His period of time, but it too is quite ironic that  He, "Jesus" came to Teach us the most important/sincere Knowledge such as the Value of  living a life of righteousness within the Integrity of our Heart's to the knowledge of how He proved it right to the very Cross where He died for our Souls to choose Salvation, our only hope and weapon against the deception of sin - of which is destroying our planet and everything that we hold sacred to our Values and the Integrity of what we once stood for in the eye of the beholder! ... Yesthe real freedom at last ... is only found in the teaching of ... Christ's class ... that comes free ... with a ... (knowledge degree) ... For Heaven's sake ... this is the gate ... of an entry level ... that you don't need to proceed with a ... (high school, university or a college degree) ...  It's just not the way of  God's Résumé ... In the way we choose our fate to graduate ... Personally, this choice was mine to define and maybe yours to find ... I'm just saying that this is the way I learned to ... tik tok ... around MY absolute clock ... As our future is ONLY ours to choose ... to either win or lose... First and foremost - a higher education is what I call - the mind over matters - that flourishes my rathers...


 There is a couple of old proverbs that I like that says;

What doth it avail a fool to have riches, seeing he cannot buy wisdom?

He that maketh his house high ......... seeketh a downfall ... and

 He that refuseth to learn ...... shall fall into evils  ... and,

Wisdom shineth in the face of the wise ... and

The eyes of fools are in the ends of the earth  .........  and,

  Chinese proverb; Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness 





My Respected Favorite actor,


Mark Wahlberg's "Inspirational" Story of Success:


Also, the highest paid actor of our time. August 2017


Worth 450 million Dollars --- Holy moly


Life Learned to Life Earned!


With all things considered, it makes perfectly sense to me that Mind over Matter is better than the Matter over the Mind of Thinking In other words, You can receive a Successful Knowledge without attending to a High School or a Respected University or a College, because Failure, Success and Knowledge are entirely different Schools Brought too Thought


Point being, one can be Sought from the Start of the Matter while the other can be Taught from the Heart of the Matter In either case, if you put your Heart into whatever the matter, Knowledge is Inviting, Inspiring and Exciting as they are all Related and Equated to Success ... Simply put, it is the Heart that is the (GPA’s) Art of  Success ... that Truly Matters ... of a Matter of Fact.


One of  "Dr. Albert Einstein’s" quotations says, “Knowledge of what is does not open the door directly to what should be”  ... "Knowledge" ... is only as useful ... as of how wise ... it applies in our lives ... Link Their Disappointment Is Justified  and Link Famous people and celebrities ... Who Don't Have a High School Diploma  ... "A clever person can solve a problem, but a wise person avoids them"  Albert Einstein”


Look, as to consider, this is a perfect example of a complete turn-around from a Ninth Grade Middle School Dropout Failure and Dishonesty ... into complete Story of Success and Integrity  ... As a gang member growing up in a Dorchester neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts.


(Mark Wahlberg) ... the youngest of nine children ... so as an underdog ... he felt like he had a lot to prove to himself. Wahlberg had been in trouble often with the Boston Police Department in his youth. By age 13, Mark had developed an addiction to Cocaine and other substances of which led to bad decisions throughout the rest of his teen years ... as a result ... He was sentenced to two years in state prison at Boston's Deer Island House of Correction. He served 45 days of his sentence and was released as a changed man on his own recognizance...


(Don Johnson) ... At the age 15 years old, I had my far share of trouble with the law too due to my poor behavior and judgment of the Integrity of what was right over wrong thinking at the time  of which led to my turn-around the most inspirational 352 days of my life in building the "Motivational Integrity Thinking" of my Characters Success in and from the (Durand boy's farm school) of 1959 to 1960 as will be explained more in detail further on in this My Biography to the Heart of the Matter, Successfully, no I didn't become a "decent wealthy movie star amuser of his place-time", but I did become a "Content Old Geezer Moved of my Space-Time ... Inspired by Albert Einstein.


Mark Wahlberg ... “finally I was there; locked up with the kind of guys I'd always wanted to be like. Now I'd earned my stripes and I was just like them, and I realized it wasn't what I wanted at all. I'd ended up in the worst place I could possibly imagine and I never wanted to go back. First of all, I had to learn to stay on the straight and narrow." Mark, first relied on the guidance of his parish priest to turn his back on crime. He told his street gang that he was leaving them and had "some serious fights" with them over it. The actor commented in 2009: "I've made a lot of mistakes in my life and I've done bad things, but I never blamed my up-bringing for that. I never behaved like a victim so that I would have a convenient reason for victimizing others. Everything I did wrong was my own fault. I was taught the difference between Right and Wrong at an early age. I take full responsibility.” 


First and foremost, Mark Wahlberg ... is not only a Good and Decent Family Man today, but He Plans His Work and Works His Plan Around His Family ... Link THE SECRET TO MARK WAHLBERG’S SUCCESS .


His actively involved in charityestablished the Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundationin May 2001 for the purpose of raising and distributing funds to youth service and enrichment programs. Wahlberg is also active with The Good Shepherd Center for Homeless Women and Children. In an interview, Mark said that it's important to let the homeless know that people care about them and are working to help the impoverished get back on their feet. Wahlberg served on the Honorary Board of Link Jerry Sandusky's Link The Second Mile children's charity before Sandusky's 2011 arrest on Link child sex abuse charges.


He is one of my favorite, highly respected persons with a Good Taste for WalhBurgers, His Attributes is with his family and 4 star movies of which I look forward to seeing...


To reiterate, This guy elevated himself to one of the Hottest 4 Star Movie Stars of his time that I can’t wait and look forward to seeing the next one of His great movies.


To certain degrees ... everyone makes mistakes at times and everyone has to be graded according to what they've learned from it and (Mark Wahlberg) graduated as a Valedictorian from it ... He is like a professor in using his Talent, Heart, Celebrity and Money to help teach others the values of right thinking and not to make the same mistakes that he made as a teenager growing up on the tuff of His neighborhood of Boston ... again where He  felt like He had to prove himself ... He is the perfect example of how He turned a lemon into lemonade... 


"I didn't want my kids saying ... you didn't finish school ... why do we need to?"


Link Mark Wahlberg article




Interviewer; ....  faith is obviously a big part of your life....

Mark; .... "it's the most important part of my life...

I don't try to push it on anybody and I don't try to hide it".


Don L. Johnson  ....

"this  is  exactly  how  feel  too...

No more ... No less ... God Bless ... they who  do".


And Oh yah, I might add that Mark also earned his high school diploma as well ... of which he obviously didn’t need to with his success ... except for his personal gratification and example for his kids to know, respect and be proud of their dad ...and to that respect, Mark did better than me ... as I'm still only setting with a 9th grade education as he was, but at age 69 ... Its to late for this rhyme of mine ... As you can see ... according to my category,



Ivanhoe Quotes (showing 1-16 of 16)

“For he that does good, having the unlimited power to do evil,

deserves praise not only for the good which he performs, but for the evil which he forbears.” 

 Walter ScottIvanhoe


At age 4 ... success in not peeing in your pants

At age 12 ... success is having friends.

At age 16 ... success is having a driver’s license

At age 20 ... success is having sex

At age 35 ... success is having money

At age 50 ... success is having money

At age 60 ... success is having sex

At age 70 ... success is having a driver’s license

At age 75 ... success is having friends.

At age 80 ... success in not peeing in your pants


I'm  more  concerned  with  keeping  my  driver's  license.

Again ......... I'm not saying to quit school ......... because it's not for you

 I,m saying that school isn't essentially meant  for every one ........ because of a

bad return on investment ............. Any one can Imagine a proper Education with the

right knowledge for thinking .... In that respect .... success is in the Heart of the Beholder.


Last but not least, I just want to say .... Thank Goodness for those Movie Stars .… such as the ones that I know about …. Mark Wahlberg, Ben Affleck, George Clooney, Matt Damon, Brad Pit and Angie Jolie  who have the Heart of Desire and Their Integrity to Admire how they Donate Their Time, Effort and THEIR Money Towards their Compassion for What's Gone Wrong for so Long with Their Cause …. And Speaking for Me of the Middle Class and for the Poor who have class, but lost their ass, because of Heartless-Assholes .... it is  very  much  Appreciated  and  it  brings  a  little  Faith and Hope .... to the Disenchanted with the Gluttonous Greedy Rich of Slanted.


Written and Designed by,


Don L. Johnson



Now that you have a little foresight of knowledge of me .... It's time to work your Imagination too ... So as the saying goes ... you can't judge a book by its cover as.    Well, the same goes true with this my biographical Memoir ... so up unto this point of my life; I’ve spent countless hours in trying to figure myself out in a biographic point of view let alone the time it took for me to quantify in words about my Miracle of life as bestowed.  All I can say is that what (you, my readers of no matter who) are about to read will be about the (truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about “My life bestowed”. It isn’t easy to word process a brain like mine that was hard to find. However, after much perseverance ... I did find a little piece of it ... so as the saying goes ... “finder’s keeper’s loser’s weepers to my epitaph. Maybe my sense of humor that as of now abounds ... should have been left alone as unfound; but humor does as humor is! It’s that part of me you’ll surely see, but perhaps with you ... it might not do? ... So if you’re sad that’s all too bad! ... because it calms my day ... that’s all I’ll say.  So good bye Joe ... me gotta go ... so you’ll find out ... what I'm all about ... that part of me ... that will have to be ... my legacy humorously  ... that rhymes with my biographical times. A drop of humor can’t hurt anyone and sometimes it can be the cure before the fear of an ailing heart. It’s been the medicine for me humorously, because  an ounce of prevention is better than a gallon of cure in treating depression, sorrow and or gloom from within... to no end ... of what could have been.



Oh Yes ... It is as it was ... and was as it is ... today ... as I remember it ...

Thus ... to write it ... as I've lived it ... throughout my ups ...

throughout my downs ... my life still abounds...


So ... get in gear and Click right here → "My Life Bestowed... of what I've sowed...


The photo in "My Life Bestowedis pretty close to what I looked like within a year or two in the place of time where the space was mine ...  as I always looked younger than my actual age. But, sincerelyI remember being somewhat of an shy-private-kid entering into my playschool kindergarten year ... Except for me, all of the other kids would have parents that would mollycoddle their kids into place with their own favorite blankets or blankee's ... for nap-time on the floor 


Howeverof coursethe teacher would take the role of the parents place as they did with mebut even at that age, I developed a Link → (Self-consciousness) of being able to play or sing my songsconduct live sales meetings and or being a motivational speaker of the successes I've had in sales essays of Link → (The Seven Steps towards Achievement)  My Link → (Acronym P.H.O.N.E.) and My Link → (The Farmer In The Selland of cource for what I write here on my site ... where “I practice what I preach ... then teach what I practice ... within things that are true ... from me to you” ... without having to be there ... where you are. I can write it, but can't recite it - in person - as of what a motivational speaker would do... Besides, nobody can be taught without a motivational thought ... So it doesn't make any difference whether you read it - or hear it - if your Heart - isn't in it ... I know how it goes.


As a kid of being constantly afraid of walking back and forth from school alone to a place I called "the boogieman" ... I would always feel the same with the exception of being run over by four different cars (make or models unknown) at four different times, places and or locations and waking up in an emergency room that I was beginning to get familiar with, But as you can see, God was looking out for me ... This is "NO LIE" that in VIEW ... of being TRUE... Link → The Background of My Downtown Playground ...


Nevertheless, as you read on, I will explain more in detail of how I played with those real cars that toy-iled with me, because I didn't have real toys to play with ... as you will find ... further on ... down the line ... as will be ... in my continued biography. 


I kept thinking of how lucky the other kids were that had parents who cared about them through a place that they took for granted as of a Loving home instead of a tiny two room apartment with a kitchenette the size of a full bathroom ... with very little food in it and cigarettes, alcohol in closing their favorite bar every night until 2:00-am in the morning. Worst of all of having a heartless and abusive step dad that would slap the crap out of me when in the right mood which was often. Just another one of my many blessings to look forward to after school.  


The cruelest thing that I remember about my step-dad was after being drunk ... I would hear my mother telling him that he was hurting her arm from being twisting ... as being twisted himself ... And because there wasn't even room for even a bunk bed ... My bed was on the floor - at the foot of their bed... So in that respect, kindergarten felt more like home to me than to the rest of the kidsI guess that is why that blankee ... had such of a lasting impact on my life - Again, right to this very day...


You knowlooking back and with all things consideredI guess you might say - as a blanketed statement, that I was absolutely floored over the situation of my time and place of space... Ha ha!


I also remember that at the start of each back-to-school year of classes in my first, second and third grades - I would always pick the back role on the far right side by the window of the classroom for my desk ... By eliminating two of the four sides of me ... I knew that I wouldn't be noticed as much by the rest of the kids from what I felt was the embarrassment of not equally of fitting in with them Wellanywayeven though my mind was quite young ... I was still able to do my math ... to it done ... Come onIt's not like ... E = mc2 ... Ebf.


The problem with setting so far back in the room was that I couldn’t hear what the teacher was saying due to the lack of hearing in mainly my left ear from being slapped on that side of my head so many times … As a resultI ended up flunking my first and second grades and was thought to have had a learning disability or an attention deficit … If you will ... And was sent to a special school of disabilities including the Down syndromebut do you know whatWithout knowing what happened to me … I actually felt less intimidated and less inferior of fitting in even though I didn't, but the people who didn't take the time to get to know me did ... including the immediate family members that caused and sent me there... They simply didn't care because in their minds, I was their mistake they had to contend with...


But you know ... even though ... it was obvious that I didn’t belong there by the concerned, competent teachers who knew and cared about me of where I should be and then found that all I had was a lack of hearing in my ears “where I always had excruciating ear aches that hurt like hell further impeding my learning abilities in and out of school” ... Finally, after an aptitude test by a therapist - The therapist got really upset that I was there and wanted answers for the why's ... It was then found after being physically tested then seeing an ear doctor that I had a lack of hearing from blunt trauma to my head - which explained my severe earaches - that - that doctor finally relieved for me - True! I can't remember of having an earache sinse ... Thank goodness for those who cared... 


Oh Well,  I was returned back to a regular public school in the grade that I should have been in from the ones that I flunked, but this time they seated me right in front of the class where the teacher was and from that time on I received more A’s than B’s in just about every subject that I was taught ... Again, that was in the grade that I should have been in all along ... And most importantly,  the key was in the care and understanding of me of which led to my A’s B’s… 



Todayas being a complex person for understandingI still flunk in my understanding of people as understandably of why people do with me ... It's the psychological complex of the problem ... I’ve yet to overcome ... and probably never will with the disability of my age... 


"By the time you're eighty years old you've learned everything.

You only have to remember it"

George Burns


"Look, I don’t feel old and don’t feel anything till noonbecause

that is when it is time for my blankee nap"

Bob Hope



It’s realy amazing how one can remember that far back in timeyet forget the simple things one just did a minute ago ... which proves that time is really relevant to the place-time factorIn other words ... it's the fact that I came back ... to that place of time where it was mine … of what I did as a kid ... as it appears through all these years ... of the childhood memoirs of my memories...


Think about it ... as you too accupy ... place in time - into Einstein's space-time ... It's no rhyme or a riddle ... as in cat and the fiddle ... It's just you with your noodle ... So why abuse it ... when you can use it?  


Inwordly, all I know is that I became a person with very little understanding and will be condemned to go that way until my last dayI’m still wondering why I came into this God-forsaken world of confusion


Outwardly, people are the only species that heartlessly kill, maim and destroy all other species and living things around them through an inborn Power, Greed, Ignorance and Hate ... as succumbed to by the devils bait and haven't the brains to realize it. The only thing that makes sense to me is that from birth ... our souls live ... hell on earth ... untill our next birth ... Link here → Reincarnation and the Bible and Evidence for Reincarnation in the Bible 




To elaborate, as in light years looking forward back in time So too as in my years have I aged with my mind   In my case, age is the fabric of relevance ... equating to my place of time out of Einstein's theory of spacetime … As I’ve never gotten over the feeling of not fitting in with people … There is Indeed no rebuttal ... that I shouldn't have been born into this paradox of muddle. It’s like the hypothesis of my mind that’s been stuck in an anomaly of a time warp that hasn’t moved from the early stages of my life … I am Now seventy one years old and my self-consciousness is even more so in a muddle of my understanding of people.


Unlike humans of the heart of the matter, I would have to say through experience that ... you can have faith in a dog and or a cat with the utmost unbreakable love and loyalty to stand by your side - no matter what and I’ve experienced both in my life time (Pudgy the dog and Tank the cat) and both died and took my utmost loyalty and eternal love with them into pet heaven


All things consideredif I could have three wishes to be granted The first wish would be to be one of God’s right hand angels, simply, because my Heart belongs there...


If I couldn’t have that wish My second wish would be to insert myself into one of my many incredible facinating flying dreams...


Except for certain family members of Love and sincerity, if I couldn’t choose my second wish I would choose my third and final wish to go back in time to July 11, 1944 and somehow prevent myself from coming into this, like I said, Godforsaken world of confusion that I never understood with and or about people?


Other than my Self-consciousness with people, you must have some idea of what I'm talking about and if you don't, you are either denying and lying about the truth to yourself or simply not paying attention to the world around you that has to do with people at large and of late that lives their lives through and for Power, Greed, Ignorance and Hate ... that doesn't have a clue to what is true of what "Integrity" is all about!


Again, could you imagine what humanity would be like ... if we prioritized the meaning of ... "Integrity Thinking" ... into our lives ... For one thing, Congress would be driving on Main Street without obstructions while ... Wall Street would be shut down for repairs




"Ride the Wind"

 below my wings and hear the music as it sings,



Well Written,  Mr. Henry Mancini


As being reincarnated with a free will to choose whatever I would love to do ... It would be to come back as an  with the freedom at will to fly with the thrill of defying gravity in flight ... flying high into the sky as I "Ride the Wind beneath my Wings" I feel the music as it sings ... just as been in all my reoccurring dreams ... I can tell you this ... that there is nothing in this world as a human-being as not being restricted and bound by the gravity to the ground ... as to my experience that I've had in my reoccurring dreams of unrestricted flight ... Oh!, what a sight to behold both day and by night every time I've had that flight, but when guns are near ... it is a fright and fear ... and it's the shame - of heartless human to blame. 


Ride the Wind 

Written  and Composed  by,

Don L.. Johnson






To be or not to be "Eternally" that is the question, but what is the answer? The relevance of time involving us is our lifespan of existence. In this case, time is vital not to be wasteful in the way we use it because, it is limited. Most of us don’t realize the Link The Relevance of Time because, we take it for granted that it’s always going to be there when we need it. It is only when growing older ... we begin to realize The relevance of time in our lives because; we know it’s getting shorter. We begin to prioritize our Time in not being so wasteful of it. Time is preciously the most important valuable possession we could ever own. Yet, we don’t realize its weight in gold a (Figure of speech) as a rule; most of us think of gold in terms of money and clog our minds with the lust for materialism limited to Time and as we abuse it ... we lose it. Time is of age as age is of time brought with wisdom or folly … The question still remains ... as to be or not to be of  "Eternally"

Music  ...Eternally

Written,  and Composed  by,

Don L.. Johnson



"Cedar Rapids, Iowa is where it all began


and to where I will want it to end"



It is important to elaborate on this subject as I have neglected to a acknowledge certain family members particularly in Cedar Rapids Iowa to believe that I could really have such a family like them who could  care about me as I NOW appreciatively realize they do. Even though I've known them for a while, I Finally woke up to reality to be that "comfortable fun loving uncle" As destiny ran its course - the course was led to me ... What a wonderful feeling ... I hope my family as written will take the time to read this - as I am so-so proud of them ... The problem is, I wish that I could be closer to be able to see ALL of them - more often than not... With that said, and for that reason - I know that if something happens to Judy - I will definitely want to move to Cedar Rapids Iowa - whereas if you guys are indeed reading this "you guys reside" ... 


The only thing I ask is to accept me for who I am with God in my life, because God is the only reason why I am still here and alive and have been so blessed despite my horrible childhood memories... I don't try to push my faith in God on anyone, but I don't try to hide it either - as I am who I am... You guys are part of my life now - just as God has obviously destined - so let destiny work his course - OK?


 I know that at times I can make a fool of myself  "Like singing in front of large crowds", but I promise you that if I do - my Heart means well and will be a part of it - and don't worry as I've learned my lesson over the singing (depart) of it ...



And so ... My Biographical Story Begins


Psychologically; Other than being completely oblivious to what the normalcy of a family structure was or all about as a child growing up into a world without parental guide-ness ... And Regarding the haves and haves not's, there has been a maladjusted gap in my self-esteem, especially the self-consciousness of who I am as person of equality to the haves. As result, I have been overly sensitive with guarded feelings to the matter, thus creating a shell of a needless shield of protection around me of which pretty much made me a solitary man of loneliness among friends and family members, but the positive side of me was and still is to excel outside of my solitary shell in pursuits of happiness ... After all, I'm not getting younger ... I'm getting older and older and worser and worser with my attitude of successes  as being set in my ways in a dizy-dizy-daze and So ... I think my biggest success is my immediate family and realized it ... its the only thing that I could take with me of value ... when the saints come marching in ... But still,  whether Good or Bad ... you NEVER ... EVER! ... forget your childhood memories ... that is ... if you please, get Alzheimer's disease  ...

For you philosophical pragmatists, it’s not a matter of getting over it, because if I could have ... I would have, remember  I’m the other puppy”. Again, as being a loner, it’s not part of my nature to comfortably blend in with the insiders of my life let alone the outsiders of friends of friends of no friends of mine in get-to-gathers, of any sort, as I self-destruct with embarrassment. I’ve always been that way ever since I was a kid in grade school of wishing I was equal to my teeny-tiny to more adult size class mates. I can assure you that I am not a socializer whereas I have to mingle with people socially... But I'm going to try to do better...

As far as guidance goes in my life, I had none other than God’s who sent me to the Durand Boys Farm School at the age of fifteen. As a train of thought, review my web-site and you will find that this unlikely locomotive front runner of achievement was the back-end-caboose that didn’t have a track to run on for the kind of a fantasy world of dreams and wishes that most others that I knew took for granted with their Life, Love and security of belonging to their family that I embarrassingly lacked.


If I truly believed that I had a Guardian Angel of protecting and maintaining the front locomotive of my later modest life’s achievements, then why wouldn’t I believe that my caboose wouldn’t be attached to it? There’s no magic to this, right thinking is the railroad to success and accomplishments and if wisely chosen, the locomotive will be the driving force to get you there. In my case, I chose to hop onto the right train going in the right direction into my made-believe world of realism that I would control, thus departing from my made-belief fantasy world of idealism that I couldn’t. Success, personal accomplishments and achievements were one of the same that became the essence of my being with a driven need and desire to be the best of the best at it. There were no negotiations from that pledge that I made to myself in the ... "Durand Boy’s Farm School" of 1959 - 1960 ... to become a reality...




Synopsis: It was from 1950-1958 through the ages of six through eight with the feelings of not belonging, alone, scared, hungry, a mistake, a burden, unwanted, uncared for, unguided, and most of all, unloved and hugged with a normal family life that I longed for that just wasn’t to be. It was the same period of time when I was hit and run over the four different times and locations by the rowdy-cars that controlled the busy streets and alleys of my cement-play-ground.


This was right smack-dab in the middle of the shopping area of downtown Rockford, IL where all the traffic was, at that time. The Background of My Downtown Playground You see, other than convenience stores, there were no such things as in or outdoor shopping malls, strip centers of any sort anywhere outside of the downtown area in those days.


Again, all the main stores, theaters and traffic that you see today were found down town. Again, as the link to my Downtown Playground explains ... I lived in a tiny two room apartment one or two blocks away from the taverns where my mother and callous stepdad frequented almost on a daily routine until the bars closed at 1:00 AM, excluding Sunday’s of course of being closed. I explicitly remember setting at this window all day and night being hungry with nothing to do. You see, there was no such thing as televisions (or at least not in my little corner of the window) in those days to help alleviate the boredom. I had no toys to enjoy either; however I really got good at playing twiddle my thumbs though. All I had was to wait and watch out the same window in fear for my cruel drunken stepdad to come staggering down the street with my mother in arm after the bars closed at 1:00 AM.


You can use your imagination of what happened then, because cruelty was exactly what this guy was all about and he enjoyed it especially when drunk,  for example, I remember him twisting my mother’s arm until the pain was so severe that she begged him to stop. WHAT KIND OF A SICK MAN IS THAT? ... YET TRUE!


This is what I had to helplessly listen to on the floor at the foot of their bed where I slept in fear. I could go on to tell you how cruel he was to me, but I won’t. If I did, you would understand where my complex came from in being treated like a burden of disappointment into anger. Being slapped across the face was routine and this guy was big and burly as I was just a little kid small and scrawny. All I know is that I got ear aches frequently ... In fact became deaf in my left ear, because of it, However as I grew older, I became vulnerable to less than honest older kids that I looked up to for the feeling of belonging thus, choosing to be dishonest myself, until the entrance of  "The Durand Boy’s Farm School" ... in the year of 1959 to 1960 at the age of fifteen.


It was then and for the first time in my life that I felt equal to everyone else without the parity of not belonging. There were no preferences, we were all treated the same. I felt like an individual person of worth for the first time in my short fifteen years of life and it was all because of the caring teachers and staff members of that school that saw the good in me and brought it out. I have NOTHING, but good and respectful memories of and for that School. The photos at the bottom left side are of the "Rosecrance Memorial Home for children" in New Milford, IL right outside of Rockford and the one on the right side was my "Durand Boys Farm School" of 1959 to 1960. I say mine, because it was where I lived for a year and learned the value of the Integrity Thinking who I was and would be, thus to plan my work then work my plan around the inspirational "Knowledge" and memories as was implanted within me.



Durand Farm School for Boy’s 1959  to 1960


10104 Farm School Rd. "The Boy’s Farm School" was founded in 1907 in Harrison Township as a school and residential rehabilitation services center for maladjusted boys,” In the Farm School’s early decades, resident boys performed nearly all of the chores necessary for Farm operation. A portion of the crop went to feed the resident boys. While the remainder was sold to cover the School’s operating expenses. Herds of beef, cattle and flocks of chickens were kept to provide fresh meet and eggs.


The Winnebago county Farm School, later operated as the Durand Boy’s Farm School for the boys, was sold to the Rockford based Rosecrance health Network in 1973 and the Des Plains-based Maryville academy in 1989. The facility was operated as a residential treatment facility offering therapeutic, education, and recreation services to the youth ages 7-18.


The photo of the building that you see was the original Boys Farm School’s Barracks of Sleeping Quarters, Mesh-Hall of Dining and the Rec-Room of Recreation center combined into one building.


The third floor had 3 dorms separated by age categories.   My dorm was called the bears with boys from 15 to 18 years of age, the Tigers of 12 to 14 years of age and the very young Pee-wee’s of 7 to 11 years of age where some of them actually wet their bed’s from there, you guessed it,pee-wee’s”. Other than the separated few of the PC’s (Privileged Characters) dorm-rooms, there were approximately 25 kids per dorm depending on the number of kid’s in the age categories.


The boys were not all as maladjusted some were homeless. An assigned dorm-daddy controlled the dorm’s activities in keeping everyone in line including the radio, noise and lights-out etc. To the start of the day, instead of a trumpet wakeup call, the alarm would go off each morning at six am the bunks were then made up military style the same way and time as a boot-camp-military-barracks we showered and headed for mesh-hall on the first floor for breakfast the best dog gone home-cooked-food you could ever eat or ask for”.


It was the same for lunch and dinner. “Don Erickson was the head cook and also happened to be the head of my table of twelve. Likewise, as of the same responsibilities of a dorm daddy, the head of the table had the same. The food always starting from the head of the table and it was passed on to the left side and back around to the front ... After the breakfast, you would do your chores then go to class ... At noon was lunch and 5:00 pm was supper and the end of the day right after supper or dinner if you will, would be the rec-room time in the basement ex. Pool ... of which I quickly became the master, because I had a natural instinct for it Ping-Pong or outdoor sport activities Etc. At 8:00pm, the alarm would sound to go back to the dorms to sleep only to awake to the start of another day of the same. My boot training was like that for a year and in retrospect, I have no regretful memories of it as it was good training.


I remember that the  Boys Farm School Building  had a  Hugh porch on the back of it (as shown in the photo above) over-looking its sports field and its farm buildings and animal’s right beyond it. Although I was glad to have been released from the regimented boot-training-camp part of it, I would love to occasionally return for a visit if only to reminisce those days, but the building is no longer there and it’s the only reason why I would go back to visit ... just to be able to walk through that building again.


As time would have it, ignorance is as ignorance does through the stupidity of tearing down that structurally solid Historical-Iconic-Residential-Home that took loving care of its Boys for all those years from 1907 - just to make room for a parking lot of which never materialized, it was a stupid-stupid-stupid inept act of betrayal to the Boy’s Farm School building!


It was also an insensitive act of betrayal to all of its former residence boys that is forever rooted to its foundation from within their period of time. They not only demolished that building, but they demolished the names of all those boys that were historically a part of it. Today, there is a grassy hill where their home once proudly stood without a tombstone to mark its destruction, but with appreciative memories, it will forever be remembered in the hearts of all those boys who loved it for how it loved them.


As for me from within my period of time of 1959 to 1960...  What I had  there with (equal standing) was much better than the bad memories outside of it that I left behind me. Again,  it was my life and home for a year and it was like sending me to an educational-boarding-school of care, love, guidance and respect that I needed and that is how and the way I will always remember it from my Heart and I am proud to have become a part of its history.


It was towards the end of a  year of which was  the norm stay  at the school  when I was  given a  note stating that I was to be released in a week. Of course, I was ecstatic with excitement to the news; however it was short lived, because they made a mistake of giving it to the wrong person me of which was supposed to be my nephew Gary instead.


You see, it  was the  initiative of  his  parents  who got  the  minister  of their  church involved  to influence the courts for his release and it obviously worked. This was a double whammy which sent me into the dumps of depression, because I knew that I had more than earned my way to be released as well, but I had no one on the outside that cared enough to look out for me, as he did ... Keep in mind that Gary's mother was my sister, but it was the school that looked out for my best interest.


The following day after his release, the principal of the school got me out of class in the middle of the day and took me off-grounds to a local restaurant to cheer me up. He then told me that he was representing himself, my teacher and all the staff members of the school to not to be discouraged or depressed as they would be getting me out. He went on to tell me that he and they cared for me as a kid that they grew to like, admire and respected. He told me that I would someday become successful in my endeavors of whatever I chose to do in life, because I had it within me to accomplish my goals and to never  forget  his  words and as you can review you will conclude, I didn’t.


Yes, true  to his  word, I  was  released  a couple  of  weeks  later and  with  a  new prospective-outlook  to look forward to that was implanted in my head by that principal that day of 1960. It was from that period of time on ... that I realized the principles of  Integrity Thinking through "they" at the school that inspired me.


With all  the odds  stacked against  me and  losing my  safe haven  from the  people who  stuck by fought and cared for me, at the time. I left with a driven enthusiasm and focused all my attention to never let them or myself down to become my personal success story that - that principal instilled in me. I programmed myself with a positive mental attitude to live and think that way and did right to this very day, over fifty-four years ago.Holy-mole Guacamole the recipe of getting older”. I can honestly say that NOBODY out performed my quest to be the best of the best in my competitive livelihood and for those of you who doubt or question my credibility, check out the documented Link Achievement and Media section of this my website.


Lastly, I don’t believe in God -because of the Bible ... I believe in the Bible - because of God Likewise, I don’t believe in the Durand Boys Farm School because of ME ... I believe in ME, because of the Durand Boys Farm School As both have done me right to guide me through the light that lit in my heart to give me the confidence of a brand new start in a life that I could control the results With that said, it just wouldn’t be right to keep my Biographical Story to myselfwould it?




The following are employment positions on my site that should be noted, I just turned 17 when I got out of the Boys farm-school and quickly realized that nothing had changed except for me. How could I go back to school when I didn’t even have a home to go back to? However as destiny would have it, I had a very good friend looking out for me Jerry Dulgar who lived with his aunt and uncle in Arlington Hts, a suburb of Chicago. He not only helped me with a place to stay with him at his aunt and uncles house, but he also got me my first job at the age of 17 where he worked at Charles Brunning/Bosch Corp… a paper manufacturer for copy machines etc. in Mount Prospect, IL, another suburb of Chicago.



I got  the second  shift job of folding reams of copy paper for copy machines the whole monotonous 8 hour shift. I remember being right below the clock where I was folding those reams of paper, the most tedious boring thing I’ve ever done. I had this guy Mike next to me doing the exact same job as me, but he seemed to be content with it. Then there was this opening that became available that my buddy Jerry had on the first shift as a setup man for the paper cutting machinist. Because of Mike’sseniority, the supervisor offered him the position and he took it; however I really wanted it in the worse way, because my friend Jerryworked it on the first shift. It had the freedom from the monotonous tedious work of wrapping paper in one spot the whole shift. The only incentive I had with folding paper was achieving the next break from it and of course that is why the clock was right above my head to keep track of it for me. Again, the setup position had the freedom of space, fun and the rewarding challenge that I could enjoy, but yet to be determined. Mike turned down the position a couple of hours later and returned to the same repetitive position that he left and I hated?


I then begged  the supervisor to  give me the opportunity  to try for it and he dismissively said son you’re too small to handle the position ... being that I was a skinny kid of 130 pounds 5' 7" including the hamburger and fries in me. He went on to tell me that the position needed a much larger person than me to handle it, but because of my unrelenting persistence, he caved in against his misconceived judgment of me and my ability and I got my opportunity to prove myself. He briefly went over my job description of setting up the machinist machines of which I already surmised. Now visualize a wall, two stories high - a block long with racks of LARGE rolls of paper in-between their designated slots about five to seven rolls high. Each roll of paper had a center hole in it so that a steel shaft rod could be fed through it, thus enabling the crane on the track to do its job of hanging them into their designated slots on the wall. I knew that it would be fun to ride and operate it. So his training on that part of my job was like a theme park. However when he took me through these humongous swinging doors that was literally large enough for a full grown elephant to fit through them. I quickly understood his comments about my size;  NO, those rolls of paper were intimidating to look at - let alone with the consideration of skinny kid handling them. They were just setting there on the floor like a predator of a beast waiting for another feast to devour.





If you've ever tried to lift a case of 10 reams of copy paper - you would then know how heavy they are ... Now, imagine a combined 100+ cases of it ... Well, that's at least how heavy one of those roles were ... Now, imagine a skinny 130 pound runt of kid 5'7" tall of trying to lift one of those rolls of paper up and onto a 4" high Steel Cradled Dolly to be able to roll it to its destination ... Well, I can tell you that it was like 100% of Inspiration-Determination versus 200% of Perspiration-Desperation of my willpower they got it done and I can assure you that it wasn't very merry fun... 


Yah, it suddenly occurred to me that I would have to  read up on the book of David and Goliath and get some pointers on what to do. Anyway, like my boss first pointed out to me, that it was my job to man handle those gargantuan elephant size rolls of paper up and into this three inch high steel cradled dollies to be able to roll them through those now understood humongous doors to the crane that did all the easy-fun-work for me, But first I had to figure out how to lift those gargantuan size rolls up and into those heavy steel cradled dollies without having the strength of a Samson or Goliath. 


I explicitly remember all the  machinist giggling as I went through those intimidating doors, but at the time, I wasn’t concerned with their giggling in as much as envisioning an out and out laughter of my humiliating defeat of coming back out of those swinging doors with nothing but defeat and humiliation In dire straits, I was all alone in battling those gargantuan rolls. I pushed and I pulled and pulled and I pushed for more than half the shift and all I managed to do is to get it to roll a LITTLE faster bumping to the lip of the dolly, but to my chagrin, I still couldn’t win a fraction of the three inches that I needed to lift it up and into the cradle of the dolly. At last by accident to my awakening surprise, I found my knee to be in the exact center of the roll of gravity for the leverage I needed to lift the first roll up and onto the cradled dolly. I was so excited and