What  is  it  and  all  about?

  Well, we know for sure that it starts

  out with the  anatomy  of a  muscular-organ

  that  by  rhythmic-contraction  circulates  the  flow of

  blood throughout our bodies system  yet, more importantly

  it  can  be  the  character  of   the  innermost-being  of

   feelings  towards  one  another  of  which

  distinguishes  the  intellectual  nature  of  ones

Moral-Courage & Compassion



We, the  ” human-species were  blessed with the ability to be able to use our brains to be able to think intelligently above all other species and that is why we benefit from what we have today.


You see, we live our lives through a world of highly-developed cutting-edge technology, thus enjoyingthe comfort and convenience of our everyday-captivated life-styles ... However from the nineteenth turn of the century back in time was quite different, wasn’t it? And with all things concidered, would  you like to have been living in that period of time instead of today’s? ... I wouldn’t think  so, especially if you would have to give up your comfortable pragmatic way of living.


Sometimes facing the truth in the comfort of our everyday life-style can be a little intimidating to live, however the fact is, we ”human-species have always caused and created our own cataclysmic fate, because of  power,  greed, ignorance,  and hate and  it hasn’t changed only the period of time we live in has.  


Every ” human-life has the same thing in common and that is ... no matter who or what our status ... affluent or destitute, the anatomy part of our Heartswill sooner or later fail us; it’s  inevitable, thus concluding the final-closure in the way we chose to live or think our lives. 


If we could just use our common-sense to realize that nothing is more important and valuable than to treat each other with conpassion and Respect, we could then enjoy each other’s cultures in a world filled full of peace, harmony and prosperity for all, instead of a world filled full of man-made-problems of Division, Bigotry, Catastrophes, Conflicts, Adversity, Wars, Destress, Heartache and Pain etc. and all because of what Power, Greed, Ignorance and Hate’s influence does to one another...


More importantly, if we could Wisely Understand and Realize that by Choosing to think from the Compassion and Integrity of our Hearts instead of the duplicity of our brain, it would then become the essence of our innermost being of the most valuable possession that we could ever own in our lifetime, chosen as to the Infinitely… Blessed by God!


 "But, instead within our head ... we choose our fate ... because of bait ...

so we blind our eyes ... to the lies ... so we can't see ... whats in that tree ... even though we know ...

that we've sold our souls ... over to the devils control


"The snake within the heart - poisons the brain - spewing venom of the same - from whence it came


"Simply put ... the devil on his level ... is when we live ...

For him ... to give in sin ... as his fool to take ... into his tool of bait ...

So don't be his dink ... get wise and THINK"




" For as the devil is equated to evil ... so too is his control over people"



How  could  we  not  believe?

in  a  or  the  (devil)   when  we  have

witnessed   so   much   (evil )  from  our   past

and  present  history    in   this  world  we’ve  lived?

and  how  could  we  not believe?  In  an  all  Loving GodGod

when  we  can   behold   the   miraculous   way  all  living  things are

held and put together? A person can have a Good-Heart  yet, think the

wrong way then have regretful   things happen to them however,

the personwhom  strictly  chooses  to think with  an  ignorant

bad-Heart   can  cross  over  that  thin-line  to  becoming

an   (evil-person) thus  being   an   instrumental

product and tool of and for the (devil) therefore,

wouldn'  or  couldn't  believe  or  understand

the meaning and purpose of this essay.




But, the key to the Start   is unlocking your Heart.


Composed,  Written   and   Designed   by, 


Don L.Johnson


Jackie Evancho & Susan Boyle:

"A Mother's Prayer"

(tele duet)