“How it all Began”


I remember when I first started out with this Crazy Thought of Writing my own Website - especially with having very little Computer Knowledge. What's even Crazier is that - Unless it had to do with Business - Then Reading and Writing wasn't even my Forte of Enjoyment at that Period of Time in my Life - approximately 15 years ago right after I Retired, Yet I Considered it Way Beyond My Intellectual Pay Grade in the way I have Accomplished my Current Website, but I guess that it was my Time of the Unthinkable to be Possible through the Help of a Miracle. 


AgainDespite my Lack of Experience and Formal Education - It was for that Reason that I remember setting in Front of my Computer Screen Wondering what to do Next of how to get even started? - Arguing with (Me, Myself or I) That I wasn't Learned Enough to Engage on such a Ludicrous Project, but still being Compelled to Follow through with this Silly Crazy Thought! - So with my Mind in the Fog - I went out and Searched for someone who was Learnedly Qualified - I spoke with Several Different Website Designers only to find that they all started out at $125.00 per hour and up - to Compose, Design and Write the Impossible without them -  Mind Reading my Brain - in all Hours of the Day and Night - to Design with My own Style of Sculptured Sentences, Punctuation's, Lot's and Lot's of Poetry, Color, Music, Photo Pictures, Links to Articles of Pertinent Information, and Quotations from Famous People etc. etc. and I did it in My Own way - instead of having to Extensively Pay it in their Wrong Way.


So the Argument Continued on between Me, Myself and I - Where Myself Told Me - that I Don’t Call the Equipped - that I Equip the Called - Said to Poetically Write it in the Way You’ll do Best and I’ll Help to Guide you Through the Rest - Well, one of me Won that Argument - that's for Sure!, because I Sure got a lot of Help - from one of Me - Separately?  


And so, as an Analogy goes, I First Started Out like a Kindergartner Learning my ABC’s, but as Albert Einstein put it in one of his quotes, “Education is what Remains after one has Forgot everything that He has Learned in School” and believe me I was getting an Education all right, but in what I Considered to be way Beyond E=MC2 of which today I could Quote from the Top of my Head of how it Equates Faster than the Speed of Light (186,288 mi./s and or 299, 792, 458 m/s) into Einstein's C2 - Tachyon Theory into God's Realm of Sight (Heaven) - Where you'll be able to Travel to the End of the Universe and Back within a (Nano Second - Just Think - that's one Billionth of a Second) As Einstein Proved it in His Famous Equation's of Special and General Relativity see, (E=Mc2 God = TEX - "Theory of Everything") -


Anyway I’m still Learning the Impossible for my Teeny Tiny Little Pea Brain to Apprehend into Gain. So as a Hypothetical Analogy Goes - I Graduated from at least a High School Level of Learning from the Books of the - So to Speak - Quote Unquote - Educated way of Thinking - But then again, Remember Albert Einstein's" Quote of (an Education is what Remains after one has Forgoten Everything that one has Learned in School) and that's the Genius way of putting it - But then wouldn't you know it - after at-least Five Years of Developing my Website - that - that was when my Whole Website Got Completely Wiped out by a Virus whereas ALL of my Information Data Couldn't be Retrieved - to where I had to Completely Start all over again from Scratch - NO LIE! - But in Reality Looking Back on the Positive side of it - Practice makes Perfect It was before - I Past my Drivers License Test - In other words, sort of like Graduating from a Bike into a Car - to be able to Go Fast and Far - and we all Know that Feeling of that Sweet 16 don’t we?  But that was a little over 220 Essays Ago - as Literally being Read all over the World in the Multiple Thousands - Who would've have Believed that - I could have Conceived - how to ever have Designed, Composed and have Written Everything that - you'll Indeed - Maybe Read?and I am still Driving Straight Forward, Fast and Far - Where  Sleep Doesn't Matter! - as they Come to me - in all Hours of the Day or Night - within the Boundaries of, -  

                                    “The Poetry of Me”,

                                  Don  Lee


The Devils Fruit 


  keep in Mind that Rome --- wasn't Built in a Day - 

 and    neither   was   Me,  Myself  and   or  I  with -

my Ever-Changing Website of Essays -

 But  if  there  is  a  Mistake  I  will 

Eventually  Find  and 

Corrected  it.


 However,  please   keep   in   Mind   that  I  am  not  a -

So Called  Educated Writer 

As I Write what comes into my 

Mind  from  my  Heart


of  that  Time.


Designed, Composed and Written by me,

Donald Lee Johnson