E = Mc 2   = God =



  " Theory of Everything "  

According to, Wikipedia

It is a hypothetical single, all-encompassing, coherent theoretical framework of physics

that fully explains and links together all physical aspects of the universe.[


  The moreStudy Science = the more I Believe in God

Albert Einstein

  Brief Synopsis: - Albert Einstein - 1879/1955.










As  Albert  Einstein  said  and  put  it  ---  

in  one of  His  Many  Wise and Prudent Quotations - 

along with some of my own Thoughts added to it - as Underlined -




who  is  Seriously

Involved  in  the  Pursuit

of  Science  becomes  Seriously

 Convinced that a Spirit  is Manifest in

   the Laws of the Universe - Spirit Vastly

 Superior   to   that   of   Man  Kind  as  well     as it is 

    of    and    or   with   the  Genius Mind   of  Albert Einstein's

 and  one   in  the  Face   of   which we   with  our Modest 

     Powers     must   Feel    Humble   as     well  as  for

   Feeling    Grateful   for the Fruit  from

       God's  Labor   that    has    given us

   -- Thine Divine Favor  --

  ----- ---------------





of which is why,

  The more I Study  God = the more I Believe in Science 

  as being Equated --------- as One of the Same -  

 EX  -   Spirit &  Science  of  God   2




Perhaps the following Links will helpto Think -













The Atheist Delusion Mu-vie (2016) HD

by, Ray Comfort,


Christianity – God and the Scientists


If God Created the Universe, then who Created God?




• Einstein’s - theories of General & Special Relativity delivered a Remarkable Transformation in our Understanding of Light, Gravity, and Time. While Special Relativity yielded His most Famous Equation in History, E = mc2. Einstein Explained the Photo Electric Effect and Provided Powerful Evidence that Atoms and Molecules actually exist,


The Photo-electric Effect





General Relativity:


•  Albert Einstein's "Theory of General Relativity Published in 1916, is the Geometric Theory of Gravitation and is one of the Towering Achievements of 20th-century in Modern Physics. it explains that what we perceive as the Force of Gravity Arises from the Curvature of Space and Time. Einstein proposed that objects such as the Sun and the Earth Change this Geometry.




Special Relativity:




 You see, in Physics, Mass-Energy-Equivalence states that anything having Mass has an Equivalent amount of Energy or vice versa, with it's Fundamental Quantities Directly Relating to one another by Albert Einstein's Famous Formula: E = mc 2


This Formula states that the Equivalent Energy (E) can be Calculated as the Mass (M) Multiplied by the Speed of Light (c = about 3×108 (m/s) squared) or = (186,282) Miles Per Second and or (299,792,458) (m/s) Meters per second - that being 38 inches longer than a yard at (39 38 inches) long.


Contrary to the Facts, – Most textbooks say that nothing can go Faster Than light, but that statement actually should be qualified: The answer is Yes, But not in the way that we see and movies, There are, in Fact, Several Ways to Travel Faster Than Light.


So, the Fact to the matter is that, we know that the (E) Represents (Energy) and the (M) Represents (Mass) Equivalent to one another, But they're also being Converted from one to another = by the Ratio (C2 Squared) of Einstein's Formula that Represents the (Constant Speed of Light that's being Multi-Multiplied by itself into an amount of Energy an Object has in Movement as Related to the Mass. So as it Gains speed - it also Gains Mass into an Infinite amount of Energy).


Point - E=MC2 - If a Laser Beam is Swept Across a Distant Object, the Spot of Laser Light Can Easily be Made to Move Across the Object at a Speed Greater than c.[8] Similarly, a Shadow Projected onto a Distant Object can be Made to Move Across the Object Faster than c.[8] 



  A Light-Year is Defined as the Distance that Light can Travel in One Year. We can Calculate this by Multiplying the "Speed of Light" by One Year to find the Distance: which is, (9,500,000,000,000 kilometers) at (5,900,000,000,000 Per Second).  



 Moreover, there are (approximately), (6,000,000,000,000 Trillion Miles) in a Light-Year - That is comparatively 7.5 Time Around our Planet Earth per/second - So Mathematically, there are 24 Hours in a Day and 365.25 Days Per Year that Calculates into 137,200 Time in Years - so to take us a little under 20,000 Earth Years, to Travel in a Light-Year - https://www.quora.com/How-long-would-it-take-a-spacecraft-to-travel-one-light-year.


 Let's say that you want to Travel to Kepler 438B of which is a Confirmed Near Earth Sized Exoplanet Planet that's over 640 Light Years away for a vacation. It is likely Rocky and it Orbits on the Inner Edge of the Habitable Zone of a Red Dwarf Star/Sun- https://www.bing.com/search?q=kepler+438b&


• Again, keep in mind that there are (approximately), (6,000,000,000,000 Trillion Earth Miles in a Light/Year) - So in a comparison as to Travel there in the Fastest Spacecraft ever made by man at the Speed of (36,373) mph is -NASA's New Horizon Interplanetary Space Probe Launched January 19, 2006 from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station - It would Literally take us Nearly 2,,000,,000 Earth Years to Travel that Far at that Speed - and so, according to Those who Know in the Science, Physics and Astronomy world as they know it --------- These are the Actual Facts to the Math that's been Equated into the Validity of Truth.


  So as you can see, even at the "Speed of Light". The Duration of Space Exploration would still be a Painstakingly Slow Process  to say the least Traveling at the Speed of Earth/Time in Real/Time of "We, the Human Specie's - Average Life/Span of Life/ Time"So when considering these astronomical numbers - It is absolutely Mindbogglingly way Beyound the Human Minds Comprehention - aren't they!?  But wait, this will really Boggle your Mind - link Titled, "How the Universe is way Bigger than you think" - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iy7NzjCmUf0.


 Let'get realeven if we were to Hop Aboard the Space Shuttle Discovery, which can Travel (5 miles per second). It would still take us approximately Seven Months to Travel to Mars at the Speed of Earth/Time in Years - compared to "Speed of Light", 



  yetWe, the Human Species are Fixated on a Manned Trip to Travel there. -  Think about how Ludicrously Stupid that sounds and is especially in giving up on all the Vital things that we Take for Granted on a Day by Day Basis as to our very own Survival - As in Gravity, the Air that we Need to Breathe, the Immeasurable Variety of Food that we Eat, and the Water that we Drink as well as Leaving our Sunshine Behind - What about our Hygiene of going to the Bathroom with all that goes with it as in Water, Toilets, Brushing our Teeth and taking Showers - What about our Loneliness and Sanity? etc. etc. etc.


 Are we to Recycle our own Human Waist and or our Urination as a substitute?  It's not only Ludicrous,  but Masochistic Suicidal Thoughts  - Yet, then again and or even sothey're still Hell-Bent and Planning to go? - The Blueprints have Already been Written, Printed and Laid out for the Near Future.  But for Heavens SakeWHY?   



 Question: why did "Albert Einstein" Urge the U.S.A. President "Roosevelt" to Authorize the Manhattan Project?  because He wanted the United States to Develop an Atomic Bomb before the Germans did. So, because the  Speed  of  Light  is  such a Large Number. It points out how a Small Amount of Matter can Release a Huge amount of Energy as in a Nuclear Reaction of which Inspired our Governments Involvement in Nuclear Research Involving the Manhattan Project that Ultimately Led to the 1st and 2nd Nuclear Atomic Bombs and we all know that History don't we? So lets Hope that History doesn't Repeat Itself as to total Annihilation - as would Be in or withWorld War 3.


  But Getting back to Einstein's Greatest  Discovery of  "His "Theory of Everything" it doesn't make sense to me that nothing can Travel Faster, than the Speed of Light when According to Albert Einstein's Famous Formula of ( = mc2 )  as being Converted from one to another by the Ratio of the  ( CPortion of His Equation that Represents the Constant Speed of Light as being Multiplied by itself into the Amount of Energy an Object has in Movement as Related to the Mass - So as it Gains Speed - it also Gains Mass into an Infinite Amount of Energy - The point being to that is that - wouldn't that be a Speed Way - Way Faster than the Speed of Light? - Which means that He did Indeed have Solved His "Theory of Everything" - It only makes Sense to me!  


  Again, these Numbers are Absolutely Mind-Boggling when it comes down to the  Mathematical  Equation  of  Earth/Time  Versus  Space/Time  Travel But wait until you see how it Equates to God's Time. 




•   Although not yet understood of Albert Einstein’s Equation of His Special Theory of Relativity as related to the C2 part of His Equation - There is a New Theory Being Equated into His Factor - of which I tend to believe,  because  it's a Logical way to  Expound on the Divinity of God's Existence into the Equation of our UniverseYou and Me into our Reality of Einstein's "Theory of Everything". It is called the "Tachyon Theoryhttps://www.scientificamerican.com/article/what-is-known-about-tachy/"  of which is an Incomprehensible Continuum (Range, Field, Gamut, "Variety" and or a Scale) of a (Hypothetical Elementary Particle) that Infinitely Travels Faster than the "Speed of Light", by being Constantly Multiplied by Itself through the "Speed of Light" as in Einstein's (C2) in Lieu of - x 2 Equate it. 


  In other words, 2 times the speed of light equals answer - then 2 X that answer - over and over and over - until you are Literally Here, There, Everywhere and Every Place then Into the Surroundings of "Einstein's Reality of Everything" (At Once) of which, Accordingly, makes you Omniscient into your Surroundings of being (All Knowing, All Seeing and or Sagaciously-Wiseinto the Kingdom of God's  Paradise or "Heaven" - Where the Speed of Light - No longer Exist in the way we Equated it outside of God's given Gist of it, Simply, because God is not limited to Time and Space and or any other Place called Time as we know it, Simply because - He is our Place in Time of Time and Space  - with NO TIME - to have to Waist!  



God is the Theory of Everything --- He is the   Reality 


of  the  Alpha  and Omega  of  Everything  that  ever


Was, Is and will Ever Be throughout Eternity!


Butwho is God?



   Nonetheless, by Traveling so Fast - Consider being able to get to the End of the Universe and Back to Present Time within an Nanosecond - Keep in Mind that - that is just (One Billionth of a Second) within our Time! Well, you'll be able to do that (If) ever in Heaven.


•  With that in mind, when you put it into a Divine Context - then You Can Clearly Understand the Intelligence Design of God's Divine Plan Behind it all. God doesn't make Mistakes, because He simply Plans His Work then Works His Plan Accordingly, because He Can - as being the Man


•   Again, keep in mind, that Albert Einstein's Theory of = mc 2 had to be Solved into His Reality - which is Now Considered the Starting Point of the Rule of Physics Today - just as God is to the Rule/Law of the Universe. Again, it’s something More to Ponder while Continuing on Down Yonder  of which leads me Again - to the Question of, did Indeed, Albert Einstein's Famous Formula of (E = mc 2) Truly Prove God's Existence? seeing that God is the Alpha and Omega of all of our Data - Including, but not Excluding the Misunderstanding of the Lack of it - Perhaps the following Link will HelpToo Think about what is Genuinely True Too and or For https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HHFRmHRpZmw


•   Again, keep in mind that - Albert Einstein's Famous Formula of E = Mc2 - started out as a Theory until His Persistence was Accurately Proven to be True to its Equation - to what it is Today - as the Rule of Physics 



Darwin's Theory of Evolution 

"I have Never Denied the Existence of God. I think the Theory of Evolution is Fully Compatible with Faith in God.I think the Greatest Argument for the Existence of God is the Impossibility of Demonstrating and Understanding that the Immense Universe, Sublime Above All Measure, and Man were the Result of Chance."


TEX  = 2

OK, let's take an all-inclusive Continuum Trip Traveling at the Speed of Light (186,282 mi./s) through Space-Time into Earth-Time. At the distance of (93,000,000 miles) or (150,000,000 k/m) from the Surface of the Sun - It only takes 8 Minutes and 17 Seconds Traveling at the Speed of Light to Reach  the  Photosynthesis Surface of our very own Awe-Inspiring  Planet Earth - Thus, Giving Darwin's DNA's Theory of Evolution's Natural Selection it's well Deserved Credibility. Darwin's Theory of Evolution is the basic idea that all the Different Species have Evolved from Simple Life Forms.

Image result for The evolution of dinosaurs


Note, a Caterpillars Ending is but a Butterfly's Beautiful Beginning as well a Swimming Tadpole Evolve into a Hopping Frog of a  Evolution of Life as God has Designed it - through the same Process of a (Evolutional) Change that we can See and Witness in Real Time. True but, Deferentially, our D.N.A. Encoded Intelligent Design is the Divine Building Block for Life as we know and Live it. We, the Human Species were Born by Design in God's own Image https://www.kingjamesbibleonline.org/Bible-Verses-About-Image-Of-God/ that started out from Adam and Eve’s Period of Time into the Embodied Soul Purpose of our Birth here on God's Crafted Planet Earth - This is what Deferentially Distinguishes us from Darwin's theory of Natural Selection into the Building Block of Life for the Soul Purpose of Our Birth of God'Divine Creation.


There would never have been a Day or by Night - let alone Life as we Know and Live it in Today's World of Earth-Time without God's Spoken Words of, Let There Be LightWhen In the Beginning - He Created the Heavens and the Earth out of the Darkness - Separated it into the Light - Then into the Light - He Created We, the Human Species” In His own Image He gave us Life and Dominion over all that He Created Good here on our Planet Earth. - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=orgvVj7twIQ



In Simple Lingo - Physics is the branch of Science concerned with the Nature and Properties of Matter and Energy. The Subject Matter of Physics, as Distinguished from that of Chemistry and Biology, includes Mechanics, Heat, Light and other Radiation, Sound, Electricity, Magnetism, and the Structure of Atoms are a Given - Driven by Albert Einstein’s Famous Formula of E = mc2 - But the Divine Laws of Physics is Entirely another Subject Matter to behold that has to do with the D.N.A. Building Block of Life as we Know and Breathe it in the  Trilogy Equation of (God's-Divine-Design) or  G 3 = I dd.


For Heaven's Sake, I’m Smart enough to Know that it doesn’t take a Genius to Realize that God'Equation is the Right one that Matters within the Atoms - of the Whole of the Equation of what Is, Was and Always Will Be - throughout this 4 Dimensional Continuum of Space/Time into the End Time of ALL of Eternity as in the following Link 


Scientific Proof that God Exists



But, just as my Soul is a Part of Each Beat of My Heart, so to be My Brain with the same Kind of Mind that Embodies My Faith - not in Man, but who I Am through the Salvation of (my Lord and Savior of Jesus Christ in my Life as being the Building Block of My Life Just as I've Chosen to Give and Live it - and any thing else, Resides Outside the D.N.A. of My Human Soul.


 Albert Einstein Said that

   The more He Studied Science the more He Believed in God  

 But, Vice versa, I, Don L. Johnson say that, 

 The more I Study God the more I Believe in Science   Again,

I'm smart enough to realize that I'm not a Genius, but it

doesn't take a Genius to figure out that we both

Equivalently  Equate  to  the  same  thing

Backwards and forwards, does it?




As in the first Quotation, here are a Dozen more of -

Albert Einstein's Famous Quotations 

to Consider Relating to God's Existence as follows,


,,,,,,  ,,,,,,

#1 The more I Study Science = The more I Believe in God.”      


#2 I want to Know how God Created this world.
I am not Interested in this or that Phenomenon, in the Spectrum of this or
that Element
. I Want To Know His Thoughts; the rest are Details.” 


#3 No one can read the Gospels without Feeling the Actual Presence of
Jesus - because
His Personality Pulsates In Every Word.
No Myths Are Filed with Such Life.”


 #4 God who Reveals  Himself    in Harmony of all that Exist.”



#5  Quantum Mechanics is very impressive. But an Inner Voice Tells Me

that it is not yet the Real Thing. The theory yields a lot,

        but it hardly brings us any closer to the Secret of the Old One.        

In any case, I Am Convinced that God Doesn't Play Dice.”



#6Science without Religion is Lame; Religion without Science is Blind.” 



#7  True Religion is Real Living; … Living With All One's Soul,
with All One's Goodness and Righteousness.”


#8It is only to the Individual that a Soul is Given.” 


#9 That deep emotional conviction of the Presence of a 

Superior Reasoning Power, which Is Revealed 

in  the  Incomprehensible  Universe,

Forms  My  Idea  of  God.” 


#10When the Solution is simple, God  is Answering.


#11One becomes a deeply Religious Nonbeliever,
but it is clear from the original that it is
Definitely Not I.” 


#12 Strenuous Intellectual Work and

the Study of  God's  Nature are the Angels

that will  Lead Me through all  the Troubles of this

Life with Consolation, Strength and Uncompromising Rigor.”


 Look, does He sound like an Agnostic Unbeliever

to you? As for me, He doesn't, because it

Doesn't  Make  Sense - So  I'm

 Not  Convinced  and 

 I'm not Alone


Well, here are 24 more Famous Scientists Who Believed

in God - in the Know - as in all of them Below,





How did the Universe Begin?  How did Life Arise on Earth?  These have been  Humanity’s most important questions through the Ages. In the Last Century, we have Learned more about Science and the Creation of the Universe  than Everything known before the Twentieth Century. What is more notable, the Last Decade has Opened New Discoveries Leading to New Theories that give us Unique Hypotheses about the  Presence of God and the Nature of the Universe. - Today’s article will discuss some of the most Famous Scientists in History Who Believed in God 




Famous Scientists Who Believed in God





Look, I don't Push it and I Most certainly don't Hide it, but my faith is who I am and who I am is Not Going to Change for Anybody and or Anything and I could care less of what others may think of me, Because I know that Ignorance Begets Folly and it takes an open Mind to Find their own way to the Truth as it is and not be ashamed of it.


If you have noticed, that there is no contact information whatsoever on my website, because of what I have just said. I can't change a person's Heart anymore than you can Change Mine for the Soul Purpose of my being


I choose to have few friends if any and I don't have a Family of my own either that I can feel good being around by accepting me for me - so that I can be me Comfortably for who I am and that has never happened Personally and at the age of 74 - I think that - no matter, it's the way I came into this world and the way I'll be leaving it - as being the Alpha and Omega of me as my Legacy.


Look, to whom-ever this may concern, I know that I am not your Average-Normal-Person in the sense of what you may consider to be of your Normalcy of Life, but for me, without Compromise, I am who I am and will Never Change for Any-One and or Any Reason - I also know that God doesn't always call the Equipment when He can Equip the called when ever needed Just as I know that He has done with me - because, believe me, I am not Smart enough to Write all of this Stuff on my own that is way beyond my Pay-Grade of Intelligence that I have yet to have Earned without His help of the sort. I have no doubt, what-so-ever that - He Teaches me how and what to Write what's in my Heart - to My Mind - to My Website with the Ideology of me being me - just as you are Now reading this.





Remember, Receiving

Can come from the Disparity

of Deceiving  or  it can  come from

the Prosperity of Achieving the Truth from

Believing,  but only One can be Said

and Done within the Clarity of

the Heart of Sincerity!





When Normal people Like are Sleeping - I am up Writing - mainly because it is peaceful where my thoughts can Clearly be put into words - and even when I am Sleeping I am Writing and when I get up I immediately Record it so that I don't forget it - Many times I have literally Written whole Essays and Poetry in my sleep and Couldn't wait to tell them to my wife Judy after awaking and Recording


Again, I am not your normal person in the sense of what is considered of what "Quote unquote" normal people do of which explains why I don't fit in within the Human Species in order to be able to understand one another Comfortably.


Thank God, that I have My Recorder as my Memory Bank, because At my age, My Mine hasn't been very Reliable 


I don't know whether this is ever happened to you before, but If you told somebody you know whether family friend or whoever that God indirectly talks to you in ways where you can understand him - what do you think they would think of you? Well, that is exactly what has happen to me throughout my life especially when I am writing my stuff - crazy or not - only the truth will set you free



I love the title to Bette Midler Song

 "From A Distance"



- will teach me the rest

= TEX  = 2



  Equation of the  Above  

=  as is 2 the 

   Equivalence Calculation of the Below

    Image result for God the equation of life photos  

Fundamental Formula of,


   Equation = is of the SOUL purpose of the Below,


  TEX  = 2


In the scheme of things, we can’t see the Air that we Breathe any more than we can of our Soul that it Feeds, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t Coexisting as a part of the Fundamental Formula that is Directly Related to =  (The Trilogy of God's-Divine-Design) - As does Albert Einsteins Famous Formula of E = mc2 - Thus, Darwin’s Misconception of any after thought of We, the Human Species being Linked as a Misleading part of His Natural Selection of which I personally, don’t believe He did from everything I have read about Him as Wethe Human Species of not being thought of as Coexisting - with God'Building Block For Life.


InfactThe number of Myths and Legends about Darwin and Evolution seems to be growing and growingOne of the most common is that it is impossible to Believe in God and Evolution at the Same TimeThis Myth has perhaps Been strengthened all the more by the Anti-Religious Fervor of Outspoken AtheistsBut in fact, it is Possible to Believe in God and Evolution at the Same Time. This is as True Today as it was in Darwin's Time


Many people Wrote to Darwin to ask Him this question and He became rather tired of the asking. Yes, He would reply of course you can Believe in them Both and to Demonstrate this He Supplied Lists of Prominent Scientists who did Exactly that,






In fact,  it is  (Intelligence Design) that makes sense in Giving Credibility to Darwin's Theory of Evolution's Natural SelectionBecause you have 2TEX =  PyW=  aWYP-aSE-tW2 = AO = (Plan your Work and Work Your Plan around Solvable Equations that work together as one) you'll TEX  f - ENS = (Evolution's Natural Selection) I2 T ID (Intelligence/Design) x dd e = 2T-BB = TFf - FL - Aw kI God,


→ because 


as has been Written, http://www.bibleinfo.com/en/topics/bible-promises





Come on, let’s Quit Monkeying around here, you either Believe in God or you don't!If you Believe in  then you surely Believe that our Bodies Houses our Soul's and if you Believe that - You don't have to monkey around with Theories of Natural selection!  


Point being, through a Sexual Process, we know how we are or were Born into this world, but, still, Where did our Soul Come from and Go? Especially, when Mommy and Daddy Has Their Own? Yet, at that very same Instant in Time - In other words, without Jesus, Life and Souls Comes and Goes - In and Out of this World - as in a Never Ending Continuous Cycle. 


Look, I know that the word Reincarnation is not found in the Bible, thus Contradictory to Scriptures, but there are All Kinds of Reasons  why I am it's Contradictive Rebel, because of my Common Sense that Explains Away the Unexplainable Reasons for ALL of my Why’s.


Oh well, It Doesn’t Matter whether I am Right or I am Wrong,  because the Bible (John-3-3) does say that in the end, Our Father's plan is toBring Back the Born Again Believers to Life and Give them Eternal Spiritual Bodiesso that they can be with Him and Jesus FOREVER is a Wonderful, Glorious Truth that is far above any man-made religion or set of beliefs! 


That said, from here on, I’ll let you use your own Imagination and or Common Sense, if you will - of what You'll Believe of what Happens. All I know is that -  It is Not a Sin to use your own Common Sense to what your Heart to Mind Tells You.



Child Reincarnation Story of Hanan Monsour | Suzanne Ghanem



Reincarnation Research of Ian Stevenson at the University of Virginia & Children’s Past Life Memories



Reincarnation Evidence of the Afterlife

By Kevin R. Williams. B.S.C.






Besides the total fascination I have with Albert Einstein’s own Mass of Energy to solve equations - it’s even more fascinating when I realize that We Have a lot in Common throughout the evolution of our Lives - That being, as a Poor student growing up - he was thought to have been a Slower Learner - in fact, some of his Teachers and Classmates thought of Him as Retarded as in, (Mentally Handicapped); He was Unable to Speak: with ease and Grace Socially at the age of nine - as I was Able, but not having Felt Equivalent - in Fitting in - as being Out of Place and still do.


And to elaborate, I too had a similar experience in my younger years of K-4. In fact, I was put in a (mentally handicapped school); Those who I should have been able to count on - assumed the worst in meHowever, it was within a couple of months of my entrance - Red flags began to wave in the minds my teacher and staff members that realized I didn’t belong there, because I was way above Normal - As a normal student could be - As a result, I was tested by Professionals with concerned Attitudes to Get to the root of the Paradox to why I was even there?  


While being tested by asking me Questions, Writing and show and tell Diagrams and/or pictures etc. where I passed with flying colors, but when they Tested my Eyes and Hearing. All of the sudden she Jumped up out of her Chair with Anger and I thought that I Actually did something Wrong. But, as it turned out - she found the Damage of being hard of Hearing in both Ears, especially the One Ear Where I was often Slapped Across my Face with an Angry Open Hand. The reason why she got upset was because no one took the time to Find the Positive instead of the Negative side of me - Again, everyone assumed the Negative - without any Consideration of what was Best for me - for my Future - Except for those who were concerned about me at the time.


Looking back, there was No one There and No One who Cared About me - At the Time of Need, except For those with Responsible Characters who took a Special Interest in me to thwart a Possible Future of Damage


Getting back to the reason why I flunked my first and second grades - They found that I was setting to far away in the furthest corner point of the room from Hearing the teacher’s voice - It was my fault, because at the beginning of the year I chose the least noticeable position in the room For not mingling in, because of the embarrassment of not Fitting in Feeling Out of Place, because I knew that I didn’t have what everybody else had that I very much Craved to be able to go home to a Normal Loving and caring family - Having my own bedroom with the bed in it Instead of sleeping on the floor3 meals a day instead of none, Home alone with nothing to do but to be afraid of a drunken mean stepdad coming home after the liquor bars closed almost every single nightThere was no such thing as having a present under a Christmas Tree and or a Birthday Party meant for me like them, but I remember doing a lot of pretending that I had what they had and got good at it - You could say that the kid in this video was me - Except it took a lot longer to fit in - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kK7XnmUzUUA  and when I Finally did I became Popular.


Anyhow, knowing the history, they immediately placed me in the public school where I belonged along with placing me in the correct grade from the two I flunked and placed me right directly in the front of the class where I could See and Hear the teacher's Voice the most. Despite the two grades that I missed - I still got mostly As and B’s on just about every subject from that time on, especially in math, But even so, deep down inside of me, I still didn’t Genuinely feel the equivalent of fitting in, because you don’t forget your past out of your mind, Socially. So, in that respect, I felt the same as Albert Einstein did as Feeling out of Place Socially with Family, Friends, Acquaintances, Just People in General.


Hence, as a Rebel of Defense - of protecting who I am even so to the end, I guess that I will Forever be a Misunderstood Character - that will never feel the closeness of fitting in with people, especially with Family and Friend of which I’ve Mentally and Emotionally Rejected.


As a Genius, some of Albert Einstein's  famous quotations are ( The True sign of Intelligence is not knowledge but Imagination) - (The only source of Knowledge is Experience) - (Logic will Get you frem A to B - Imagination will take you Everywhere) - (Education is what Remains after one has Forgotten Everything he or she has Learned in School) and I can tell you through experience that it is True. 


I didn’t need A’s to get me through those days of Stress. As Albert Einstein quoted it, (Weakness of Attitude becomes Weakness of Character), however the Opposite Bestows(Achievement-http://mit-aa.net/Achievements.html) - (Media-http://mit-aa.net/Media-page.html) and I don’t care What or How people may perceive me whether Negatively or Positively. As a Believer/Achiever, my background History of Success Speaks for itself as proven to be a History achieved by an inherent P.M.A. (Positive Mental Attitude) challenged to be the best at whatever I Do to Come True and God only knows the Truth that no one has ever kicked my ass in any of my Endeavers. ThusI too stood out among my peers as being number one in all I’ve done just like Einstein did of His Genius. Check out my Mass of Energy through my Acronym, (P.H.O.N.E.-http://mit-aa.net/essays-part-1.html) - (The Farmer and the Sell-http://mit-aa.net/the-farmer-and-the-sell.html) - (The Seven Steps Towards Achievement-http://mit-aa.net/the-seven-steps-towards-achievement.html) sections of my website. 



Perceived as vain or not, I don’t give a shit what people thinks of me, because no matter what the Challenge is or was in my Place in Time, I got things done Resolutely and Honorably as my Heart Guided Me and it paid off Lucratively.


To conclude, as not being a Hobnober, Albert Einstein wasn’t a Socializer and neither am IEinstein felt out of place even with family and friends (as I still do), Einstein didn’t like speaking engagements, especially in front of large groups of people, as do I and of course, our feelings about the Universe being as One - Done Through One Creation of God







The Brain isn’t Relevant to Intelligence -

when the Heart can Achieve to Believe - that God

is the Equation for all of Creation - As was in the Beginning

and always will be until the EndingSo Be It - As I See and Believe It,










 Designed, Composed and Written by,

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 (Don L. Johnson)