Let me be Perfectly Clear


Make no mistake, that We, as a Human Species, aren’t all about the Color of a Man’s Skin, a Countries Flag and or a Political Party of  Black, White, Red or Blue or any other Color We Are or Choose and This isn’t about a Religion of Convenience http://mit-aa.net/essay-Religions-Of-Convenience.html - where there are approximately 7 ½ billion Manipulated Lame brains Conflicting with one another's Beliefs in Fueling Hatred and Conflict with one another's Distorted Views all over the World - as well as a Sleazy Televangelist Using the Lords Name out of Shame for Fame in Need of Greed for Selfish Gain - All the while - while Hypocritically Proclaiming - Money to be the Root of all Evil - while Begging for it!


Again, This is about Good Bad and Evil in People - that is Indeed the Cause of Human Behavior - For example, How can Money be the Root of all Evil when in Fact - It also does Good Things? - In light of this matter, Is it not the Fault of the Money Changers who handles it? - Likewise, a Gun is Perfectly Harmless - until the Thought of the Finger is Sought on the Trigger. Contrary to the Say of the N.R.A., There is No Good that can Come From Owning a Gun. - I mean, come-on,, could you Imagine Jesus Christ Owning a Gun - if even for FunThe Truth is - is that this is just another Branch of what Power, Greed, Ignorance and Hate Does to the Fate of Humanity.


What's more, it doesn't matter whether you are Rich or Poor because, this is about God, Good, Bad to Evil in People Controlled by the Devil - where it is much Easier for a Bad person to Turn Evil than it is for a Good Person to Turn Bad - that being that - there is a Thin Dividing Line between Good and Bad - called the Conscience - without it - You Have been Discombobulated into a state of Confusion between Distinguishing what is Right over Wrong and or Good over Bad - where you've been Deceptively Had - by that same Dang Tree (The Fruit of Good and Evil) that Deceived Adam and Eve


Sure, it is obviously True that the Devil has Won His Share of Battles, but it is also obviously True that God Won His Wars - don't believe it? - Ask Hitler and the Like. - And as the War goes on - there will Soon to be an End War that will set the Final Score - Where it has been Written that no one Knows the Time - just as He is of Time, But it doesn't take a Genius to Hypothesize the Obvious Events Unraveling.


Again, in Light of this Subject matter, it is Perfectly Clear that it is Easier for a Bad Person to Turn Evil than it is for a Good Person to Turn Bad - simply because, there is a Dividing Line between Good and Bad Called the Conscience where Evil can Easily be Had, simply because there is no Dividing Line between Bad and Evil - where one can Easily be Tempted by the Ageless Fruit of the Tree, in our case, Power, Greed, Ignorance and Hate where there can be no Escape! When the Devil gets ya -  he's got ya in Control over your Willful Soul the thing is, is that you have no Idea that he does, because you are so Absorbed in Yourself that you can’t Think Straight or even want to for that matter.


What, We, the Human Species Think of as Foolish Thought - God in tern, Knows that our Souls has been Cheaply Bought by his Enemy just as Adam and Eve was During there Period of time from their Fruit of that Tree. You see, Temptation has no Conscience where you become a Prisoner of and for Selfish Gain - Hidden in Shame.


When a person is Guilty as such, they will react as being Superior to the Truth as God sees it - in other words, the Fruit of the Tree Tasted better than God’s Law of that Forbidden Tree - that still Tempts you and me like a Snake Slithering in our Minds while Eating away at our Hearts - for the Devils Digestion.


Look, I know that I use a lot of Metaphors and Hyperbole's in what I Write, but when I do, they are pretty close Representations of the Truth. I know that there are people that I know whether family or friend that thinks of me as being too Religious of which I am by far NOT! A Religious Person - Anyone who reads my stuff knows that. Again, I don’t need the Devil Controlling my thoughts because they don’t Coincide with God. Anyway, when our Soul Departs from our eventual Lifeless body - we will see who’s been Foolish or not!


Keep in mind, that we are Living on the Devils Turf, because this is where he and his Followers were cast out of Heaven to - http://mit-aa.net/essay-Are-Demons-Fallen-Angels? - I mean how Naïvely Stupid can you get - by trading Heaven for Hell?  It kind of reminds me of You Know Who in Lieu of? If You get my drift and if you don’t - You’re in Deep Trouble - come Judgment Day! - http://mit-aa.net/essay-There-Will-Be-Hell-To-Pay-On-Judgment-Day.html Remember, Power and Greed Succeeds in doing the Devil’s Deeds - where Ignorance and Hate Forsakes Gods Heeds. It’s not a Supercilious Laughing Matter as to Heed.


Yes, it is True that the Devil Wins Battles on his own Turf Here on Earth, however he will lose the War and I might add - According to the Scriptures and Common Sense - Will be SOON! -https://lifehopeandtruth.com/prophecy/kingdom-of-God/Thy-Kingdom-Come/ And at the age of 73 I wouldn’t be Surprised if it wouldn’t be in my Lifetime - And yes, I am serious, because of all of the Signs of the Times that we have been Recently Experiencing is with Unparalleled Record Weather Conditions due to Reckless/Irresponsible Overpopulated Human Behavior as in, Global Warming and Bleeding of its Natural Resources and Destroying our Planet with Garbage, Unparalleled Forest Fires, Earthquakes, Mass-Shooting-Killer/Murderers, Radical-Terrorism like no other time in history, to say the least about Blatant/Unashamed Godless Human Behavior etc. - http://mit-aa.net/essay-s/2-uncategorised/1702-The-End-Times-Is-Where-The-False-Prophet-Rhymes-With-The-Times-html


All these things and more are of our Recent History that is Truly Happening coinciding with what the Bible Says towards the End Times of our Evil Crimes. Besides, I really feel it in my bones - “I would Love to be around when Satan and his Sidekicks gets their Ass's Kicked once and for all - as to end it all


I don’t get it! I really don’t! Of how Lucifer was able to Deceive other Angels that was Already in Heaven to follow him as Fallen Angels from Heaven into Hell here on Earth? This is why I said that it is Easier for a Bad person to Turn Evil than it is for a Good person to Turn Bad, because of the Dividing Line called the Conscience between Good and Bad where Evil can Easily be Had. Read and Comprehend this Truth as it is - starting out with the book of Genesis - Instead of being Deceived - I’m Just Saying!


I don’t Push how I Think, but I don’t Hide it either - As you can see, there is no contact information whatsoever on my website - because what you Believe is how you Think and I can’t change that - all I can do is try to make Sense of how I think and if I can make a difference in the way you think for the better, then I have done Right in Light of Gods Sight - for you! And Believe me, there isn’t enough Money in This World - That Can Buy it.


Lastly, I Could care less or give a shit of or how a person Disrespectfully Thinks of me - At least I have the Integrity of not being a Phony Baloney of what I say or do of which I know to be Right over Wrong Thinking and then sticking by it


Thank you, for your Time, Respect and Understanding - what you just read was from my, Motto of, “I Practice what I Preach then - Teach what I Practice - Within things that are True - from me to YouE=mc2 Link http://mit-aa.net/essay-s/2-uncategorised/1911-e-mc2.html.


Design, Composed and Written by,

Don L. Johnson