But, who is God?



Think of this essay as the Lyrics ~ to this Beautiful Instrumental Song of,

 Spiritus David Wahler  


To  me,

 indeed, He is the

Inspirational Guidance that

Orchestrates my Thoughts  intothe 

Symphony   of who He Is and Stands For

as Written throughout My Website

of  the  Timeless  Truths,

God is in Lieu of Everything

that   is   Good,  Decent  and   True.

He is Our Father and  Son the Same as One.

He is our Father and Son of "Thy Kingdom Come"

He is the   Alpha and Omega of  Everything that is True to

Everything   that   He Is, Was and Will  Forever Be.

God is the Devine-Mind-Master-Crafter

   of all that we See of  His Creativity,    

 He Created the Earth for the Soul of our Birth.

 He is    the Creator, Designer and  Ruler of the Universe.

 He is Our Day in the Light --- as well as of Our Stars at Night.

 He is the Man of Our Moon -------- with the Music from Brigadoon.

 He is the Forest of Trees that Cleans the Air that we Breath.

 He is the Wind of our Breeze ----- with the Love that HeLeaves.

 He is the Air that's Invisible to See, yet the Miracle that we Need to Breath.

 He is the Rain of Our Thirst ----- as  well as the Sun of Our Warmth.

 He is HereThere, Every/where and Every/Place at Once.

 He is the Sun-Shine of  My Mind with My Thought that He has Taught.

 He is All/Knowing,  All/Seeing, All/Being and Sagaciously Wise.

  He is simply Our Father of   and from Heaven’s Paradise.

            He is Judgment Day ------------ Come What May.  

              He  is our  Salvation ---- when there was  None.

     Simply   Because,   He  gave    us   His Son,  

     Jesus Christ  -  as  been  Done.

          for --   Thy  Kingdom  Come, 

          But for Heavens Sake 

        don't be to Late.

        Hear Me!


            For the Choice You make ----- will Determine your Fate    


          “For those who have Lost their Way Amid Place in Time-

                              Seize the Moment if it should Return to Thine-            

           For Time/Place is a Dimension of Space/Time-

            Make Haste for there is no Time to Waste


                              Designed, Written & Composed by,

               Don L. Johnson


               Gladiator Passion of Christ



              Even a Five year old Child - gets the Gist of it!


                5-year old Ryann Crosby and Dad

                            Peace in Christ - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Waitmz6C100            

                   A Million Dreams ------ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mbbMXTsVLNw