There are 12 Major Abominations that GOD

Hates the Most in Regards to Sin!


Starting out with the Five Fingers on the Hand to Evil of Money, Power, Greed, Ignorance and Hate - that Multiplies to the other Seven that will Never get  to Heaven starting out with, #1 - Haughty Eyes, Pride and Arrogance - #2 - The Lying Tongue and Sowing Discord Among Brethren - #3 - Violence Against the Innocent - #4 - Evil Planning - #5 - Quick To Do Evil - #6 A Heart that Deviseth Wicked Imaginations, - #7 - The Hypocrisy of False Prophets Among Politics and Religion and Any Other Dissension and or Division of GOD’S Instructions of Commandments.


There is no Forgiveness for the Sins that GOD Hates, where the Devil Has Control of Their Soul, but there is Forgiveness for the Sins that GOD Dislikes, because Wrong can be Turned into Right – Meaning EVERYONE Does Bad Things at Times of Weakness, whether we know it or not, but that Doesn’t Mean that We are a Bad Person. – After all, that is Why JESUS CHRIST Died on the Cross to Forgive Us our Sins – If We ask HIM to – HE Knows Our Heart’s that are True in Whatever We Do.


We  Are  Watching  the  Bible  Unfold  Before  Our  Eyes


Designed,   Composed   and   Written   by   Me,

Donald Lee, Johnson