As to Poetically put it in Route to the Devil PursuitDonald Trump Disrupts the Algorithm of Order – in Order to Control the Disorder of the Human Brain – from Whence it Came – in Time to Cloud thy Mind – if only to Find a Chosen FateDue the Hate to the Bait of One Hell-of-a Mistake – by Losing Control over Your Soul – where Off  Go – into the Devils Foal – through Hells Gate – thatcan Never Ever Escape.


It just Goes to show how Frail the Human Brain really is – as to Easily be Catalyzed into a Radicalized State of Mind of the Evil KindBeyond the Norm of a Self-Controlled Order – Where Confusion Becomes a Calamity of Delusions.


As far as the Havoc of Divide and Conquer goes, The Parallel is that – Lucifer did it in Heaven and Satan, the Devil or Trump is Still Doing it Right Here – on the Turf of our Planet Earth. –


So, to be Fair to  Victims Out ThereNever Fear because the Time is Near for – God/Jesus and their Angels to Return to ReSet the Score – to End this UnGodly WarForevermore– As to At Last – Have Peace on Earth – As It Is in Heaven.


Look, I’m not a Clairvoyant Spiritualist who can Predict a Place in Time and Space to Appear – but I am a Practical Pragmatist who Believes in the Signs of the Times as Written, Described and Predicted in the Bible, Amen!

For Better Understanding,

So what is the answer to Mankinds Misguided Thinking that brings about HateWar, Violence, Pain and Suffering? – The Solution is Found in “Thy kingdom Come.” The Kingdom of God, under the direction of Jesus Christ, must come and save man from Himself –


Designed, Composed and Written by, me,

Donald Lee, Johnson