Not to Learn to Focus 

                                               It's not a Treet   when you've been the Tricked                                So,       had better Focus


The Five Fingers

Given  the Devil  of  Evil,

There are Seven More to Reset the

Score that can only be Found within the Species

Of Human’s of which is why “The More I Studie People, the

More I Love my Dog” and All other Species that’s at

the Mercy of the Ever-Growing Lost Souls

that Once was People said Control

over  the  Walking  Dead

   Atleast 71 Million   


The Battle of Good and Evil is of the on going

War between God and the Devil,


Donald Trump that once





But, Please Please be Aware

that it is Imperative for You to Know that

this Website isn’t Written to Hocus-Pocus You, but

to get You to Focus on things that are True from Me to You.

as there isn’t much Time to Resume to Rhyme under

the Poetry that Describes a Doomed-

Fated Destiny Due to the Lack

of Knowledge into the

Act of out right



The Democrats aren’t Completely Innocent, but the Republicans are not only Completely, but Enthusiastically Guilty of Giving Tax Breaks to the Already Filthy Wealthy Profitable Rich were as the T0P 55 Corporations Paid $0 in Federal Taxes on 2020 Profits  ITEP while looking out for their own asses. – to Cheat the Middle Classes, to Bestow to the Low-Class-Upper-Class-Greedy-Jack-Asses – Then you wonder why our Climate and Infrastructure has Gone so Wrong - by Way of Decay – Thanks to the Ever-Growing –Brain-Dead-Zombies who follow the Five Fingers that Lingers with the Bait of, MoneyPowerGreedIgnorance and Hate of  the Devil Tools to Attract His Fools for the Soul Purpose of Control by being His Stewards of Havoc with the Legitimate Excuse for Remember, that – that  Fruit from the Snake in that Tree just Ain’t Free for you or me as being Laced with a Sinful Taste



Last but not least, as the End is Near, I say that, Lucifer got kicked out of Heaven as Satan, the  as Written by Me on 7 – 11 – that Grew up to Know my Score – all the way from My Birth of 19 – 44 – and So I say, Again, that if I can Discern It, then you can Learn It – at any age – of a Given Written Page – from the Past to the Present! – So you see, A No Excuse – is a Bad Abuse – of Knowledge – As Given the, This could be your Last Chance – In Advance of an – that’s been Told – to Behold – on 9 – 11 – 21 – at 7:00 – As of Late – Given Your Decision – So you see, the Choice is Yours. – To know Your Own Score – of what is to Be – Openly!

Design, composed and written by me,

Donald L, Johnson