If I had my Rathers


You know, this May Sound a Little Ludicrous, but if I had my Rathers, I’d Rather Think of my Website as being a Part of the Archangel Michaels Final Battle Against the Devil Fighting for what is Right over Wrong and Good over Bad to where Evil will Definitively be Had in Defeat Once and for All and All at Once into Hell – from Whence He Fell from Heaven to Earth, Actually, if you think about it, Hell could be in the Center Core of the Earth where it is Already very very Hot https://www.nationalgeographic.org/encyclopedia/core/ Ironically, it would be the Earths way of Getting Even since Evil have been Done To and On It by the Evil Doers from the Guilty Sewers of Their Hearts to their Same type of Brain Last but not least, I consider it to be my Duty and Mission as to Tell It Like It Is – not in a Pretentious Quiz of Normalcy that Doesnt Exist in the Reality of Judgment Day. – So, You can Laugh All you Want Up Until your Payday – it doesn’t make any Difference between the Status Quo of Who You Are and Know – because No Amount of Money will ever get you through the Gates of Heaven – In fact, if anything – It’ll keep you out – keep in Mind, that there is no one Smarter than God – especially of the Factor of the Human Species here on this, our Planet Earth – that we Irresponsibly take for Granted of. – Just Saying.



You might be Thinking that I’m a Bitter Guy when Reading my Writings and you would be Absolutely Right when it comes down to seeing that the Word Integrity means nothing to or in Todays Society as we See and Know it This Day. There is no Honor, Principles nor Ethics and all the Accolades as Described on the Home Page of my Website. How can you have Honest Politicians and Ministers who Praise the Lord, but Worship the Devil out of the Ignorance, Fame and the Shame of Money? The fact is, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it Over and Over and Again and Again that Who and What You Follow is Who and What You Are – Come-on, you can’t Follow the Devil and Call Yourself a Christian like the Pentecostal Evangelicals do. I can assure you that – You Are Not Fooling God.


Ignorance is a Lack of Knowledge that can be Forgiven, but Stupidity is Knowledge that has been Wasted on Falsehoods where the Truth No Longer Matters to where it gets Twisted into Lies – to where Human Souls can be Manipulated and Controlled Into doing the Devils Needs to Do His Evil Deeds.


There has been no other Time in Human History where it has been so Prevalent than in Todays World of Society – where Money, Power, Greed, Ignorance and Hate Decides Our Fate – for a One WayNonrefundableTicket to Hell’s Gate – for those who Followed and Swallowed the Devils Bait.


There is an Old Phrase that says that,He who Laughs Last, Laughs Longest” – in other words, do not be too Proud of your Present Success; because in the End another person may be more Successful Than You: You Think just because you’ve Won this Game, that means you’re the Best Player. Well, Wait Until the Championship”. … I would Think that you would get the Meaning and Point To, From and About my Writings – But than AgainDo You?


Designed, Composed and Written by Me,


Don Lee, Johnson