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Air as to Exhale Healthy Thinking - from the one and only Believe - as a Rule that most - so called Ordinary Normal People Doesn't Get It nor Care about the Integrity of Truth “as in the... 1天前翻译此页

Who says that China Doesn't get it? There are Plenty of People ALL over the World Who Do, but On the other hand, I'm afraid that unfortunately Whoever Wrote this Piece in their Search Engine about this Website – Unambiguously – GOT and SAID IT RIGHT! –Because, there are Also Plenty of People all over the World who Don't or even Want to get it, because they are too busy Satisfying their Own Needs as a Closed Minded Ego of a Know it all Dunce – Ultimately, Point Being, God Doesn't Judge Us for Who or Where We're From, or by Our Ignorance, Failures, Mistakes, Weakness and or Temptation that Be – Do To that Snake in that Tree to be Fruitful for the Catch – In deed – If He did – I Can Assure you (as not being a Saint) that He Wouldn't have Allowed nor Have Helped me All Along to Write this Website, because He Hates Hypocrisy Just as He Knows that I do to, Especially for those who Believe then Blatantly Deceive their Way as a Lying Thief to Profit at the Expense of the Victims Lives through Harm, Destruction and Violence for their Own Selfish Gain – Particularly if They are Guilty of one of the Five  Finger's of Evil that still Lingers with Money, Power, Greed, Ignorance and Hate – where Fools Rush in – to Choose Their Unforgiving Sin Into Their Fate – Right Straight to Hell's  Gate  – Where there can NEVER EVER be an ESCAPE from the Temptation that Found their way into Hell  So Sayeth the LORD – for those who follow Evil who Follow the  Devil – Who Controls Unwitting Lost Souls 


Donald Trump

Is Synonymous to the Devil

Just as is His Mindless Minions are to

His Demons You would have to be Brain-Dead

From what you’ve been Fed to Deceive

 Due to Mind Control over your

Foolish  Soul  as  not  to

Believe in the




As Follows,


Who  is  Satan?


What are Demons according to the Bible? - Christian Truth





•   Look, I Realize that I Know very Little about Life’s Ups and Downs that We, as a Human Species with a “Soul” Encounter throughout our Live-Long-Lives – Meaning, all of the Broken Pieces of the Puzzles that can’t be put Together again of the Whys of How one Dies with Blame that can’t be Explained Away through a Logical thought Process – Particularly, of the Innocent Without Blame for the Shame of what I am about to Write about the Plight of a "Good Heart that is True". All I know is that Life Continues to Progressively and Deliberately go on to be Wrong from the Past to the very Present then Forward into the Future that can be Explained in an Apocalyptic Way that Describes Today as I can only go by the Facts through the Acts that are so Wrong-Wrong-Wrong According to what is Good from Bad into Evil Thinking then Doing by the Actions of our Choosing. – and Yes – I do know that there will be those of You who will be Judge Mental with Negativity Bad Thoughts about me and so be it –Nevertheless, Again,  I still Feel Compelled to Write it in the way that I Know, See and Believe it to be True in Light of God's Sight – through Common Sense – Not Senselessness to where people don’t Think Things through to what they Do – only to be Victimized by Deceitful Lies – to where Evil Controls Their Unwitting Souls. 

•   So from here on, I’ll Write it for those of who will Hopefully Get It – so thatCan Fix It – for the Better, Not Worse – before it’s too Late forto Escape the Clutches of Evil – better Known as the Simply, becauseAre whatFollow – no matter whoThinkare – Near or Far! 


•   You asked How, Why and When did this Website Begin, Well, Now, it all Started out sitting at my desktop Looking at a Blank Monitor on my Computer Screen – when all at Once I became a Dunce of Not Knowing what to Do Next? – Yes Indeed – I Knew that It would take a Miracle to Train this Empty Mind of Mine to even Get Started, But, you know what, as Ludicrous as this May SoundI've Never had a Conversation with God in Any Way Shape or Form, – Especially when I don't even Pray to Ask for Favors, (big ones) but I did have this Teeny Tiny Little Birdy that told my Teeny Tiny Little Brainy that God Doesn’t Call the Equipped, but He Does Equip the Called, yet that Teeny Tiny Little Birdy Didnt Pay Any Attention to me when I said, Why Me? I’ve only a Ninth Grade Education and I Dont Know My Ass from a Hole in the Ground about Stuff Like this, (Writing a Website? – Come-on! and What am I Supposed to WrightI have Very Little Knowledge and Experience with Computer Stuff Let Alone Writing Essays that I Hated? – But that was a Little over 230 Essays Ago – that I Considered WAY ABOVE My intellectual Pay Grade– Point being, but Yah Know I Kept Making up Excuses on the Whys Instead of what Applies to my Problem – Well, to Shorten the Story a bit – I Finally Found that Hole in the Ground along with a Whole Lot More that I Found with No End in SightIt Totally Consumed my Mind after that in All Hours Both Day and by Night "24/7" – Even Composing in my Sleep then Waking up with an Addition to what I'm Supposed to Write on my Website – If I'm Away from my Computer – I have my Recorder to Record my Thoughts as they Appear to be Transferred over to My Website Only my Wife of a First Hand InsiderKnows what I Go Through of ALL These Happenings – by Witnessing, Seeing and Reading some of my Essay Writings as they come to me – If they're Good She'll Say So, If not – she won't Say Anything. as they are VERY Insulting to the Guilty at Heart as in the Evil's Doers and so its Meant to be Insulting as there is No Pleasant Way of Putting it – as I am on the Side of the Lord Jesus/God of what is Right from Wrong and Good from Bad to Evil Practices of Behavior  and Yes I Do Consider it to be My Duty to Not Express Kind Words of Approval of Evil but to Write it as a Censure of My Condemnation on every Fitting Occasion – as to the Way it Truly Is – as being as Disrespectful as Evil only Deserves  to Date – such as what Makes Sense – that is Actually Occurring in the Present Tense where Evil is Running Rampantly Amok! – With No Answer in Sight of How to Stop it without a Divine Design Intervention of an Miracle to Take Control over Reckless Souls that's out of Control over this Nemesis War that Started out in Heaven Long Ago with Lucifer Turned into Satan as the Devil/Donald Trump's Battleever Sense His Birth – right here on Planet Earth. –

•   After all, these Rhymes of Mine Fits their Crime's. – So I'll Say No More, – because You Should Know the Score by Know of this Malevolent War between Good and Evil as been Explained Over and Over in Detail in the Long Long Prior Sentence!  



•   Again as being a Descendant of Adam and Eve we are all Guilty of Sin to where we’ve ALL been Tempted into Doing Bad Things at and or During Times of Weakness but this Website Isnt Concerned about the Sinner who can be Forgiven – in as much as it is about the Sinner who Wont be Forgiven for Blatantly Doing Evil Deeds for the Devil Needs of Harm and Destruction – Again, as Already been Described in Detail in the Before More Sentences.


•  Yes, Indeed, God Judges Us for and by the Choices We Make Towards the Actions We Take of and from our Hearts – Unlike whether We are Smart, Dumb or even of Wisdom – How We Think is by Our Instinct and it is by Our Instinct of Nature and Character that We will be Judged For and or by, because in the End, through it all – before WE say Our Goodbyes to the Life-Time of our Time-Line on this Screwed up Satan Control World, – Keep In Mind that Jesus Died on the Cross for All of Us.

  So when Your Heart Feels too Heavy and Needs Forgiveness Discerned through Lessen LearnedJesus! will Always be there – 24 SevenWaiting in Heaven – for that Long Lost CallFrom Us All – and it's our Responsibility to make that Callbefore We Fall.


  Lastly, every Rhyme of Mine is by Design with a Reason and Purpose to be Specifically Written with Wisdom for your AttentionHowever, Sadly as it is, just as Galilee Galileo put it in one of His Famous Quotes,


Look, if you are Confined in your Mind

With Evil of Kind then it is Indeed your Fault for

an Evil Cult Running Around Like Zombies Ill for the Kill!

for What  Follow Are


  Look, I know that this may sound a little Intimidatingly Harsh, but Jesus Forgives, but I don't – So to start, this Website has no Love, Patients and or Respect for THOSE who Blatantly LIE to Themselves – Let Alone to their Victims for Selfish Gain – Again, God Emphatically Hates Lies and so does the Plight of this Website to get it Right – (Proverbs 12:22). They are of the Devil (John 8:44). So it isn’t going to be very Reader Friendly to Those Who DONo Matter WHO –  and So, If You are Indeed, Guilty – then this be Relevant to You ONLY! – This Website is Faithfully on the Side of God's and No Other! –The Criteria is Straight Forward with NO Hidden Words in the Description of the way it Truly Is with the Shameful-Guilt-Ridden-Idiotic-Mindless-Minions who make Stupid Decisions on Behalf of being a Rebel for Lucifer, the Devil – as follows, – At First Light, when you Think of the Word of Deceived – you got to Believe in Adam and Eve

Remember, that the Temptation – is from the Snake in that Tree 

that Ain't Freebut is Deviously  Fruitful as the Devil.

 Unambiguously, Some People are Dumber than a Doornail – when they Fail to Learn their ABCs in kindergarten Math of Adding and Subtracting Letters from Using Words with the Superiority of Absolute Authority Over the Consequence of a Total Dunce – in other words,

•  For you Ardent Trump Enthusiastic Followers and Demons Alike , – You have a Lesson to be Learned from this Class that is Concerned about the Welfare of Your Intelligence – No Offense Intended, ha ha, but if You Indeed Add the Letter O Between God's Name Youll Equal to the Word of Good, Now, if You Cut the Letter D from the Devil’s Name – it will Equal to the Word of Evil – and so my little Chickadees – The Battle is between Good and Evil – in this Ongoing War between God and the Devil – that Started out in Heaven with Lucifer’s Audacious Coup to Ensue the Sanctity of God's Throne.


Get it? – Come on – did you Flunk this Simple Alphabetical Equation that this Little Girl is Trying to Teach You?Ignorance is one thing, but Absolute Stupidity is another – to be Reckoned with  and Believe Me will be Reckoned with when the Time Comes  Hopefully Soon.

Again, with that in Mind, just a Thought of Mine, where the Hell is Hell? Well, We know that God Cast Them, the Demons out of Heaven along with Their tini tiny little god, the Charlatan Con Artist Lucifer down here on Earth to do Their Havoc on it Like the Bible says – So, Why Not Let the Earth Swallow the Core of Their Souls into the Core of the Earth where it is Already Filled with the Lava of Fire and Brimstone?  Just Saying – Wouldn't that be one Hell of a Deal – for Them to have to Forever Feel?  – What Goes AroundComes Back Around Deep Down Under the Ground – Again, Just saying.


How can You Figure out what’s Right from Wrong – when you can’t even Figure out that Donald Trump is the Devil Himself? – and Keep in Mind that You Are What You Follow! – Again, even a Five Year olds Intellectual Brain can Figure out through Their Common Sense of What’s Going On! – Dah-Ding-Dong ha ha?! – If you don’t get it – then the Devil’s got Control over Your Lost Soul, because He’s a Hell of a Master at it with the Simple Minded. – Again, no Offense, but the Truth is the TruthLesson Learned from the Discerned Wisdom of Youth. –


To elaborate, so you ask when did this War Begin between the Battle of Sin?. Well, again, it All Started out in Heaven with Lucifer’s Quest to be the Best Failure to Succeed with His Ultimate Evil Deed.


So you say – how could a God of Love Create Some one as so Hideously Horrible as the Devil – Right? – This Question is Based on Flawed Reasoning since it Assumes that we are in a Position to Critique God. Many who Refuse to Look into what the Bible Says on the Subject simply Decide that God Seriously Erred in this Area, so We Should Not Put Our Trust in Him.



 Well, God did not Create the Devil as True Believers know Him as the Embodiment of Evil. – So when God Created the World, we are told that God Examined it and Declared that it was Good (Genesis 1:31). – This means that even the Angelic World did not have Evil Angels or Demons in it at that Time. But by the Time of Genesis Chapter Three, we find that Satan, in the form of a Serpent,  was Tempting Eve to Sin. Therefore, sometime between the events of Genesis Chapter One and Genesis Chapter Three, there must have been a Rebellion in the Angelic World, with many Angels Turning Against God and becoming Evil. This Rebellion was Led by Satan, Himself – getting His Wicked Ass Kicked by Gen. Patton’sArchangel of, Michael.

  Lucifer's Fall from HeavenThe Bible gives us this information about the Devil before His Fall

Named Lucifer, which means “Star of the Morning

Held a High-Ranking Position in the Angelic Host

Had Exquisite Beauty and Great Wisdom

Given a Position of Great Power and Influence

Called “the Guardian Cherub


You were the Model of Perfection, Full of Wisdom and Perfect in Beauty. You were in Eden, the Garden of GodYou were Anointed as a Guardian Cherub, for so I Ordained You. – You were on the Holy Mount of God; –  You Walked Among the Fiery Stones.You were Blameless in Your Ways from the day You were Created till Wickedness was Found In You. – Through Your Widespread TradeYou were Filled with Violence, and You Sinned. – So I Drove You in Disgrace from the Mount of God, and I Expelled you, O Guardian Cherub, from among the Fiery Stones. – Your Heart became Proud On Account of your Beauty, and You Corrupted Your Wisdom, because of Your Splendor. – So I Threw You to (Earth;) I made a Spectacle of You before Kings” (Ezekiel 28:1217 NIV). – Cherubim (What does Cherubim Mean? ) are Depicted in Scripture as Powerful and Majestic Angelic Creatures who Surround God's Throne. – and Lucifer had once been a Guardian Cherub. – Ironically, after Adam and Eve Succumbed to the Devil’s Temptations, Disobeyed God, and were Expelled from Eden, God Sent Cherubim to Guard Eden (Genesis 3:24).

Since Lucifer had been the Model of Perfection, what sort of Sin Led to His Fall? His Heart became Egotistically Proud and Arrogant because of His Incredible Beauty. Lucifer Allowed His Perfection to be the cause of His Corruption


God's Judgment on Lucifer:

•  Lucifer was not Satisfied with Worshipping God; instead, He wanted to be Worshipped Himself, as God. Once a Beautiful, Powerful Angel of God, He Lost His Former, Exalted Position in Heaven.

•  Again, “How  You are Fallen from Heaven, O Lucifer, Son of the Morning Star How You are Cut Down to the Ground, You who Weakened the Nations – For You have said in Your Heart: – ‘I will Ascend into Heaven, –  I will Exalt my Throne Above the Stars of God; –  I will also Sit on the Mount of the Congregation on the Farthest Sides of the North; – I will Ascend Above the Heights of the Clouds, – I will be like the Most High.’ – Yet, You Shall be Brought Down to Sheol, to the Lowest Depths of the Pit” – (Isaiah 14:1215).

•  Lucifer (“Star of the Morning”) became Satan (“Accuser”) when He Fell to the Earth. – Jesus, Speaking of this Event, said, “I saw Satan Fall like Lightning from Heaven” (Luke 10:18).


Lucifers Mindless Minions:

•  When Satan Fell, He did not Fall Alone. – Scripture Tells us that He Took One-Third of the Angels (see Revelation 12:4). – Considering that the Angelic Host Numbers more than 10,000 x 10,000 (see Revelation 5:11), that is a Sizable Group. They Account for the Fallen Angels, or Demons, that now do His Evil Bidding. – As a result, Satan is a Fallen, but Powerful, Spirit-being with a Well-Organized Network of Demon Powers to Help Him Accomplish His Purposes. – Those Purposes, According to Jesus, are to “Steal, Kill, and Destroy” (John 10:10). – “and I, Myself – might add that Theyve been Doing one Hell of a Job at it” – That’s the Bad News – but the Good News is that Two-Thirds of the Angels Are On Our Side! – As the Prophet Elisha said to His Servant, “Dont be Afraid. – Those who are with us are more than those who are with Them” (2 Kings 6:16). As Christians, we have an even Greater Asset than the Majority of Angels On Our Side: – Jesus Christ, who Conquered Satan at the Cross of Calvary, is also On Our Side!  – So, If You Truly Believe in your Heart in GodThen You Will Not Sacrifice His Principles for the Devils Betrayal to Everything that God Stands for. Okay, Now that You know the Origin and Fall of “Lucifer, the Devil” – We can Relate it to His Fall to Earth with His Demons of Mindless Minions Really Doing His Bidding for Him just as what’s Going on in Real Time Right Here and Now! where HeProudly Behind His Plow of Evil like no other Time in the History of Our Democracy as in having Total Control over the Corruptibility of the GOP that’s not Hyperbole, but Actually Putting our Democracy in Peril, Following the Dumbest Guy on Planet Earth and Always has been sense Evil Occurred During His Birth and His Bottom of the Barrel  - Low Class - Mindless Minion - Cult Members of the The Right Wing Militias, The Extremist Groups as in the The Nazis and Proud Boys, The Three Percenters, The Oath Keepers, The White SupremacistsThe GOP/Republicans of the Senate, The KKK/Klu Klux Klansmen, The Foxy NewsLosers and The Colonies of the - Dumber than Dumb - Brain Dead Zombie Cult Members of the Rich Pros and Cons of the Evangelicals and the very much Alike who Praise the Lord while Worshiping theDevil in Every Single Level in and or out of the So Called Larger Synagogues and or a Church'etc. – that Jesus's  Once Tore Apart in Anger  Over the Worshiping of the Devil's Temtaions through the Power and Greed of the Cunning Fame to Shame of  Money. – So, in this case – with No Words Lost – it simply "Is What It Is", because – the Truth Never Lies as being Hidden in Disguise and it's up to this Website to Unseal and Reveal it for Your Sake of Awakening, That said, It is my Contention – as to Lead You – to a Conviction – Whereas the Truth will Not Fail, but will Ultimately Prevail – Over what is Right from Wrong and or Good from Bad Linking Into the Evil Behavior of Thinking.


•  Again, as Christians, we have  an even Greater Asset than the Majority of Angels On Our Side: – Jesus Christ, who Conquered Satan at the Cross of Calvary, is also On Our Side!  If You Honestly Believe in your Heart in God then you will have to Beleive in His Son, of Jesus Christ and you will Not Sacrifice His Principles for the Devils Betrayal to Everything that God Stands for that is Decent and True. Okay, Now that You Know the Origin and Fall of “Lucifer, the Devil” as to reiterate, we can Relate it to His Fall to Earth with His Demons of Mindless Minions Really Doing His Bidding for Him – Again, just as what’s Going on Right Now! where Hes Proudly Behind His Plow of Evil like no other Time in the History of Our Democracy as in, having Total Control over the Corruptibility of the GOP, not Hyperbole, but Actually Putting our Democracy in Deep Peril, Again, by the Dumbest Guy on Planet Earth and Always has been sense His Evil Birth – 

Unto this End to ComprehendMake No Mistake, My Good Friends – that this Guy is not the Antichrist – As some Believe and have said, but He is Indeed the    Incarnate of Himself

That's From that    Evil Tree   that Ain't Free

But is Deliciously Fruitful for the Devil's

Control over One's  Soul of

and into a Condition

of   Perdition

With Everything in Common with Lucifer, – 

Before I go and or Last but not least, Evil things generally don’t just Happen, they are often Planned. We need to make no Provision for the Flesh (Romans 13:13 14). – Jesus Warns  Said that the Things Which Defile a man Originate from the Heart (Matthew 15:19) – Therefore, We Need to Carefully Keep Our Heart's Pure (Proverbs 4:23), for as Our Heart Is, So Shall We Be. –  


"In other words,

Its  Not  a  Matter  of  a

Backwards  Question  of  an – 

Is ItWhatIs It?  in a Confusion,

but  it  is of  Positive   Answer

 for   "It  Is  What  It  is"  as  

been  Written  as a 





Designed, Composed and Written by, Me,

Don Lee, Johnson