The Jeremiah Factor                                                                          

      Jeremiah the Prophet tried to Warn them Over and Over Again, but they Refused to 

       Listen and Repent and turn Back to God- So God had Jeremiah Write 

     “They have Turned to Me their Back and not TheirFace.

       And though I have Taught them Persistently

       they  have  not  Listened  to  Receive 

         Instruction” (Jer 32:33).


Persistently, there is No Such Thing of whether Right or Wrong, - when you have already Chosen to where you have Gone - for you Are What you Follow - Just as What you Follow you Are - So, it doesn’t matter whether you Are - Near or Far - or Where you Are From - Smart or Dumb - and or even if - You Are Rich or Poor - for you’ll not Ignore - the Truth of your End Result of whos at Fault- because Judgment Day - is on its Way - where God will Surely have His Say - over where you have Pinged Ponged Back and Fourth Over and Over - from Right or Wrong of Good from Bad - Where Evil can be HadSo, lets Face it for the Last Time - Unto this End You have Ignored - to be Warned - And so be it - Just as you have Chosen it - As Been - Amen!


Designed, Composed and Written from the Poetry within Me,

Donald Lee, Johnson (March 11: 21)