The Devils Fruit!


I know that Ive got Parts of Sentences in this Essay in others, but it is more Important to Reiterate and or to Explain it - More in Detail - as its own Essay, because of its Significance of the 3Ws of Who, What and Why We Do What We Do to one another as a People of Uncertainty and Hope - that seems Hopeless in our Day by Day Struggles to do Right = Good,


While you maybe Reading this Essay, Please keep in Mind that the Subject there of - of which along with P.G.I.H. (Power, Greed, Ignorance and Hate) are of the Six Main Things that God Hates the Most in Us, as a Human Soul - and they are of the - #1 Proud and Arrogant, - #2  the Lying Tongue, - #3 Violence Against the Innocent, - #4  Evil Planning, - #5  Quick to do Evil and #6 Misrepresent Others - as they will Primarily be Tied into the Narrative that I'm Trying to Convey in This and All of my other Essay's Combined.



Lookbecause of Current Events - it only Makes Sense that the Word "Respect" can only be Earned, I understand that, but in this case - The Word "Disrespect" - is so Fittingly said in Respect there of - to the following Subject Matter - So, let me be Perfectly Clear to you - that this Website doesn't care whether you are of a Republican or a Russianbecause if you are in fact a Henchman of Donald Trump and His Low Life - Low Class - Jack Ass of Evil Gangs of Sedition Idiotic Mindless Minions that Reveals Who and What He Is and Stands For - then you are in fact the Traitor and Enemy of God's, Country and the Democracy of what These, United States of America's - Constitution Is all About and Stands for as in God we Trust - instead of in Evil we Mistrust.


Just AsAre Of WhatFollow

Then, WhatFollow

Are As In Par of



You know, I used to be a Proud Republican until they gave up their Integrity to Sell Their Souls Over to Corporate Control and Now, They've Progressed under the Devils Control Combined with His Evil in Mind. -


Genesis 1:26-28 (RSV) - God Gave Man the Dominion to Rule over all the Earth after the Likeliness and in the Image of God. Man was Created to Rule over the Earth with the same Authority that God Rules over All Things. - In other words, - Man was literally given the Lordship to be the Lord of the Earth.



Yet, as We can See that - We, of Our Failure-ship have literally Gone so Wrong against Everything so Good, Decent and True that’s been Written in the Bibles Book of God's School of what Not to Do against His Teachings. Indeed - we Are not only for the Blame, but We Are Equally of the Shame for the Evil that has been Done to Our Planet Earth as Incurred through Our Insurrection with the Devil against Gods Image. And so I askto be Honest and True that with all things Considered, of what DoThink that God Should Do - with?


Again and Again, Let me be Perfectly Clear, that this is a Battle between Good and Evil that is being Fought between God and the Devil - whereas in the End - God will Win this Evil War - Forever More - HERE ME!


Designed, Composed and Written by me,


Don Lee Johnson



Before I get started, I need to ask you an Naïve Important Question, and that is, Do you Believe in God/Jesus - I mean DO YOU REALLY/Truly/Genuinely BELIEVE within Your Heart- and if sowould you Sincerely Battle for Him - Like I Do on this, my Website? Okay, while you are Meditating on it - Please let me ask you another Important Question and that is, Do You Know Who Lucifer was to God? Answer; Lucifer was Gods Chosen Angel - a Magnificent Being. The Profit Ezekiel Described Him as the Seal of Perfection, Full of Wisdom and Perfect in Beauty - and of course - He Granted Him Favor over all of the other Heavenly Angels that God also Trusted. 



Lucifer's Fall from Heaven 

The Bible gives us this information about the Devil before His Fall 

Named Lucifer, which means Star Of The Morning

Held a High-Ranking Position in the Angelic Host

Had Exquisite Beauty and Great Wisdom

Given a Position of Great Power and Influence

Called The Guardian Cherub 


God: - You were the model of PerfectionFull of Wisdom and Perfect in Beauty. You were in Eden, the Garden of GodYou were Anointed as a Guardian Cherub, for so I Ordained You. You were on the Holy Mount of God;  You Walked Among the Fiery Stones. You were Blameless in Your Ways from the Day You were Created Till Wickedness was Found in You. Through Your Widespread Trade You were Filled with Violence, and You Sinned. So I Drove You in Disgrace from the Mount of God, and I Expelled  You, O Guardian Cherub, from among the Fiery Stones. Your Heart became Proud on account of Your Beauty, and You Corrupted Your Wisdom because of Your Splendor. So I Threw You to Earth; I made a Spectacle of You before Kings (Ezekiel 28:12-17 NIV

Cherubim are Depicted in Scripture as Powerful and Majestic Angelic Creatures who Surround God's Throne. And Lucifer had once been a Guardian Cherub. Ironically, after Adam and Eve Succumbed to the Devil’s Temptations, Disobeyed God, and were Expelled from Eden, God sent Cherubim to Guard Eden - (Genesis3:24.


In other words, - Lucifer became so Impressed with His Own Perfection of Beauty, Intelligence, Power, and Position that He Began to Desire for Himself the Honor and Glory that belong to God Alone. This Pride Represents the Actual Beginning of Sin in the Universe - Proceeding the Fall of the Human Adam by Intermediate Time.  

So - Now that You Know the  

 Biblical Title to this Show - Why not Read 

                                                                                             The Script that Follows the Plot that Fits --- this Essay?,




First and foremost, ALWAYS Keep in Mind that the Devil is best Known as the Personification of Evil as well as the Nemesis of Good People Everywhere and His Goal is to Lie, Cheat and Deceive Control over your Soul through His Art of Deception - and He is very Cunning and Shrewd at it! - As is Donald Trump's Art of the Deal”  ever since He got His Pathetic Ass Kicked Out of Heaven as Lucifer - where Hes still Hails with the Same Evil Details only He's gotten much more of Unabashed Deceitful, Obsessive, Erotic, Habitual, Irrational, Compulsion, Reckless, Senseless, Unintelligent, Dimwitted (President or Not) Asinine Liar - Where He Wanted to be God in Heaven and now Proclaims Himself to be God - Right Here from where He was Cast Out from Heaven - But Come on - Have you not Paid ANY Attention to His Own Proclamations of Words to be God'Chosen One? - This Guy - Has No Excuse for being so Obtuse, Because He is what He's Always Been - only He's Gotten Irrationally Worse as an Egotistical Maniac, as the ACTING Autocrat Presidency!  With the exception of the Holocaust Victims – Donald Trump makes Hitler look like His Apprentice of Stupidity


The only difference between Donald Trump from Whence He was Lucifer - is that He's Gotten Much More Stupider - But Quite Frankly, as Ludicrous as it is, I am Quite Saddened to Realize that He has so many Followers from at-least (74,000,000) that Sold Their Souls to Him of which I Refer to as His, Incoherent  Mindless Minions of Submissive Demons - He's still the Same Evil Guy in Disguise where He's Always Been Full of Lies of Sin!  So what does that say aboutthe Acknowledgers of His Followers? - Just See how Stupid He really is


Trump LOSES IT when asked Why Hes Congratulating Himself as People are -Dying- -

Trump Humiliated In Worst Interview in History -

As Trump Loses WH, Robert De Niro Shares Relief and the Hope for Accountability - -



In Essence,

what they’re Actually Doing -

is Choosing the Devil tFollow - Instead of God?

All I can Say to that - is that it's a Choice 

of a one Hell of a Mistake 

 To Make So,


  Welcome to Trumpland

 Where the Heat Melts your Teeth - So that the Lies can be Sterilized

Thus,  No  more  Lying  through  your  Teeth

 Oh  Well  -  What  to



Trump is Satan

Jeffery R. Wilson Teaches in the Writing Program at Harvard University.

St. Michael the Archangel Story


Words such as,

Could, Should and Would

May Rhyme, but they have 3 very

Different Meanings Such as, what We

Could, We Should, But Would We

Do what’s Right from Wrong

In  this  World  that  has

Gone Wrong for

So Long?



Look, it's Not a Matter of Who We Are - Near or far - or Where We're From - Smart or Dumb or even - if were Rich or Poor - because, What We Follow - Is What We Are - and What We Are - Is What Well Be Judged BySo not to Dismiss - You had better - Think Long and Hard over the Gist of This, because in the End - God WILL Win  this War - to set the Score - Forever and Evermore - that Lucifer Started -  just as ( Describes the War in Heaven between Angels Led by the Archangel Michael against Those Led by the Dragon Identified as the Devil or Satan, who was Defeated and Thrown Down Here to Successfully do His Havoc Here on Our Planet Earth



Look, it isn't the Color of a Flag, Political Party - or even the Color of our Skin that makes us Sin - Nor is it one of the Gazillion Religions of False Prophets that Uses the Lord’s Name out of the Hypocrisy of Deceit, Wealth, Fame, Shame for Selfish Gain, Because its the Devils Tools to Tempt Fools Towards His Bait of Money, Power, Greed, Ignorance and Hate Unaware that Their Verdict will be to Hell's Gate - where They've Chose Their Fate! 


But, Indeed the Seed - is about Good Bad and Evil in People - where it is Much Easier for a Bad Person to Turn Evil than it is for a Good Person to Turn Bad. That being, there is a Thin Border Line between Good and Bad called the Conscience - and We’ve ALL Crossed over that Border - Many-Many-Many Times in our Lives and have Eaten the Fruit off that Same Dang Tree from whence it first Deceived Adam and Eve, - Ain’t no Halo Hanging over ANY of our Heads - most certainly not Mine - But where there is a Conscience there is Guilt and where there is Guilt there is Forgiveness - Just as long as Our Hearts and Minds Remains True to God and to what Jesus Christ Stands For as of the Reason Why - (He Died - on the Cross - that Day - of Calvary) - But the Key is to Understanding, Knowing and Accepting the History of His Brutal Crucifixion - To save our Ungrateful Asses each time the Devil Wins from the Weakness of our SINS!


Getting back to the Tricks of the Devils Treats, - EVERYONE Falls into Temptation, because the Devil Knows our Weakness and He Preys upon it, but it is our Conscience of Guilt that Brings us Right Back Over to the Good Side of that Line. - Just as Adam and Eve were Deceived - We too are simply Good People that does Bad Things when Temptation Rules as We become Fools to the Devils Tools of His Treats, but that Fruit  isn’t Free, because it Consumes You and Me - into a Bad Person doing Bad Things through the Mindset of where Ignorance and Hate Allows Power and Greed to Succeed - in as much as being Completely Oblivious to the Sense of what is Right from Wrong and Good from Bad Thinking is all about - that has to do with the Integrity of the Conscience, Ethics, Morality of the Heart and Mind - into the Guilt of Kind.


Again, this is why it is much Easier for a Bad Person to Turn Evil than it is for a Good Person to Turn Bad, Simply, because of Our Conscience - without it - there’s no Guilt - and so you become that Bad Person Doing Bad Things under the Tutor-age of the Devil’s Control over your Soul - that you so Ignorantly Sold to Him - For the Cheap Price of a One Way Ticket Towards Hell’s Gate - where there’s No Escape - from within that Burning Sin - So when you Realize that there is No Such Thing as Air Conditioners in Hell - You’ll then say to Yourself - Boy - I Wished the Hell that I would have Thought more Clearly (Right), but Indeed, it’s the Seed that’s been Sown where it's been Grown - by the Choices we Make that Determines Our Fate. That said - Weve All been Given a Chance - Far in Advance - to Choose what is (Right) - In Light of Gods (Sight). - And so - There can be - No Excuse - for Gods Tolerance over your Abuse


Look, when Concerning the (Integrity) of a Character's Soul the Rule of Thumb - for the Smart or the Dumb - Is if it’s not Right - It’s got to be Wrong - (Right)? and if it’s not Good - It’s got to be Bad - (Right)? - and Or if it's - Neither Nor - then it’s got to be Evil - on the Same Level = with the Devil and  that's  (Right)  not  Wrong So Which Way have you've Gone -  when it Came Down to the Choice between God or the Devil that you've Decided to Follow?.


So, within all Intensive ReasoningHow in the Hell could ANYONE with the Sense Honor and Decency Follow such of an Egotistical Idiotic Pathological Megalomaniac Liar as Inherent in Donald Trump's Perverse Character???  Its way beyond my Imagination as a Human Being. - Categorically, with His Demented Mind - Such as it is He makes Stupidity Appear Relevant to a Dead Brains Intelligence and that's a Compliment to His Unabashed  Character!   Look,  I  may  have  been  a little Disrespectful and Harsh with my Commentary on and or about Him, However,God says that He Hates Evil and I Say - So Do I that Deserves No Respect from Me Especially when He has NO Respect for   Nor Anyone Else, but  for the  Love  of - Himself ONLY


No!, as was in Heaven, Hes just the Continuation of what He was in Heaven of All of His Deceitful Bullshit Campaign Rallies, but it’s to bad that All of His Mindless Minions - Before and After - Were and Are Dumb enough to Eat It!


I just want to say that Donald Trump Lost, but at a Terrible Cost from the Damage of Evil that He has Done to Our Country - In Every Way - from the First Day - to the Evil Last - of His Presidency - He Is and Has Been the Worst and Biggest Enemy and Embarrassment that our Country has ever Known and Suffered Through - and He Still Is, because He Still Gels - with the Devil's Details!  


After all, you can't Change Said - of the Horns on His Head!



Again, In Short, Are - What  Follow - and What  Follow -  Are - in Light of Gods Sight - and that is what this Essay is all about - Understanding is Knowing - and Knowing is Growing into an Outcome of Wisdom. - and to this End - Amen!


             Again, Keep in Mind that -

The Fruit from that Tree -

                                                                              Just Ain't Free for You or Me -


 Even if it was -

I  say  the  Hell  with  it -

The Price just Isn't Worth the Trip -

  Because, it is an Invoice of one Hell-of-a Choice -

   For a Hot spot of a Forever Long Vacation -

Where the Amenities are the -

Enemies To Your -

- Health -


 So, for Heaven's Sake make

No Mistake!


 Because,  Judgment  Day  is  on  its  Way 

 There is no Dispute about this Fruit   It's in Plain Sight that Ya took a Bite 


All I can Say is that, without  Forgiveness   


there  will  be  Hell  to Pay!    



Designed, Composed and Written by me,

Donald Lee Johnson