On the Wrong Side  of History


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The Hand of Choosing that Guides


"The 5 fingers of Good, Bad and Evil in people"


With a Closed Mind of the Dark Kind - you will always be Blind to the Reality of a Truthful Outcome, but with an Open Mind - you will always Find the Light of Truth within Yourself - Once you Replace Negative Thoughts with the Positive - You'll always have Positive Results, Nonetheless,  .


There are a lot of Good and Decent People that are Confused with their Perception of the Truth, God, Creation, Evil and or the Devil, but Hopefully this Website will be the Key to Open Eyes and Minds from being Closed into a Whole New Prospective way of Thinking Wiser - with a Positive Mental Attitude - instead fo being Negatively Dumber - just as the following Attitude Proves to be - as a Self-Inflected Obstacle,  



Academically, I have Noticed many times that the Closed-One-Track Minded Mirror of the Proud and Self-Admiring Kind can only Think within the Continuum Realm of their own Mind - Therefore, would fall into the same Category of the following Metaphoric Analogy


Metaphorically, there are many Readers that can’t Understand the Writings on the wall, simply, because it’s not done on paper. A paragraph sentence for the typical reader is Common in Novels, Editorial Reviews such as a Magazine, Newspaper Article and or simply the way they’ve Learned it in School ETC., but that’s not the way the Bible was Written Approximately 3400 years ago nor is it on This, my Website as of the Present Time. 


As "Galileo Galilei" said and put in one of His many Quotation-Sayings, " Mathmatics is the Language in which God has Written the Universe"


You have to Think in order to get it and Single Out what it’s all AboutUnderstanding is just a Part of it, but the Heart of it - is to Characterize it as is” - just as God has Done with me - I’m just saying.


Again and as " Isaac Newton" said and put it in one of of His many Quotation Sayings, " He who Thinks Half Heartedly, will not to Believe in God, but he who Really Thinks - has to Believe in God". 


As Albert Einstein Quoted it in one of His Famous Excerpts,

         “Education is what Remains after one has Forgotten        

  Everything one has Learned in School





I know that a lot of My readers will be Intimidated with what I have to say in some of my Essays/Writings That being, if youre one of those Deniers of Truth that Follow Liars of Evil - Then your Time is not Designed to be Morally Fit as to fight for God's Rules, because You are what you Eat and your Brain cant Think without having to Stink with a bit of Digested Bullshit that is Unable to Understand about Things that are Right over Wrong of Good over Bad Thinking where one has Been Had inside the Dark of their Heart as it Gels where the Devil Dwells. Click, The Five Fingers of Evil People, That said, I will Continue to remindof whoever who over and over again - when Fittingly Applicable - that with Bad Behavior there is No Dividing Line, but an Open Border Between Bad into Evil - as Fallen into the Guile - of the Devil's Pile of Dumb Shit - who Don't Get it and or Simply, just Don't Give a Shit Period! Just like Lucifer and His Mindless Minions got Their Dumb Asses Kicked out of Heaven! 



Lookforget about my Language and Concentrate on the Truth (not me)


where the Truth will set you Free from being Lucifer's







I Really don't care Who You Are - 

Whether Rich  or  Poor or  What's  Your  Score -

 The  Fame   to  Your  Name  or  What's  Your  Game,  because,

are about to Enter into the - No Lie Zone - where the Truth Can’t Set You Free - that is, unless - Your Conscience can Let it Be - as to Perceive - to Believe in all that this Website Stands For - as to be EnduredIt will Faithfully be on the side of God in All that He Stands For - as To Be Ensured - Therefore would be a Waste of Time for those who are of the Weak in Mind inside the Dark of their Heart, who Purposely Ignore and Can't nor Won’t Except the Truth as it Really is - as being at the Mercy of the Devil’s Own - But you can Be Assured that the Truth of this Website will have no Mercy upon an Evil Soul that is God's Foe - as well as this Websites,


Whether Good,  Bad and or Evil in PeopleIt is Manifested in What We Stand for by Following the Company we keep. In other words, On the Down Side of the IntroWhen we become Victims of our own Actions as did Adam and Eve - In the Beginning of the book of Genesis with the Forbidden Tree of Good and Evil - It was the Fruit of the Tree that Tempted Adam and Eve to Fall - Today it's Evil People with Money and We haven't Learned a Cotton picking thing from it - as this our world, can Bear Witness to in a Day of Reckoning Way


Disgracefully, the Duplicity of that Forbidden Tree has been Endorsed in Real-Time into our Modern Society as the Way of Gluttonously Getting Richer at the Expense of the Innocent, Gullible, Poor and or the Needy - just as Pure Evil is to the Devil in Action - so too are the Devil's Disciples.


Nowadays, it seems as though every time I turn on the news, the Devils Disciples are Scoring Bragging Rights to another Victory. So I say for now, Goodbye News for me on my TV - Until I Hear God's Perspective on it - I won't watch it!


Our Downfall isn't about a Color of a Man's Skin, the Color of a Country's Flag and or a Political Party of  Black, White, Red or Blue or Any Other Color We Are or Choose! Nor are we all about Sinners of Pedophiles and Corrupt False Prophets of a Religion that Begs for Money to Build their Characters Fame for Gluttonous Wealth and or Pure Evil of Killing in the Name of their God of Allah!


Again, at the Health of the InnocenceWe, the Human Species are about the Choices we make between, God, Good, Bad, Evil of the Devil - where it is Easier for a Bad Person to Turn Evil than it is for a Good Person to Turn Bad - that being, there is a thin Dividing Line between Good and Bad - called the "Conscience". If you Lack it - then you are Simply a Bad Person, because you have no Concept between what is Right over Wrong of Good over Bad Choices to make - therefore you are Headed Towards an Open Border Beyond that Forbidden Tree of Evil right smack dab into the middle of the Devils Domain wherewill Forever Remain, because of your Selfish Gain of the Fruit of Money, Power, Greed, Ignorance and Hate due to the Devils Bait.


My Words tell the Truth, but the Pictures tell the Story,



A Chip off the old     Same Dang Shame





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During and After her visit!  

Melania Trump - "I really don't care, do you? 


 Can  you  Believe  it?

The Heartless



What  do  you  expect  when

 She is Married to a 


Like the likes of, Donald Trump.


He just is what he is - just as he has always been

 as Described and Written here to on

my Website!


Look, I don't care whether you are either a White Supremacist, Ku Klux Klansman, Republican,

Nazi and or simply a Simpleton of a M&M (Mindless Minion) of Donald Trump's


Just be Aware - That you Are what you Follow 


The difference is that

   kiss ass    God Kicks ass 

      So,Had Better take Heed and Read

     the following, because 



Judgment Day  - is on its Way






Christ helped us understand the ongoing, spiritual war between God and Satan, Good and evil (Isaiah 14:12-15Luke 10:17-20).


Satan compels or entices his prey to follow him whether they realize it or not. Maybe they are simply ignorant and confused. Many would rather believe human theory than obey divine revelation and natural law. Whether blind, bound, or brazenly willing, they join Satan for a doomed destiny. They condemn themselves to Eternity in Hell



 If You Follow Evil --- You Allow Evil and if you

Allow Evil - you are what you Follow!  Just as Lucifer and His

Lamebrain Followers got their Asses Kicked out of Heaven, It will be Far

Worse when God Comes Down and Kicks their Cocky Asses

out of our Planet Earth --- Oh what a Sight to See 

and Hopefully Soon ------ It Will to Be!


The best Rhymes that you’ll  ever Find - are the

ones - that are True To You - in

Line   with the   Times 



Picture this(Photos)  with No Myth  of the Gist of it.

Without Exception - There will be No  Deception

to what You Read and what You See as

being the Gospel of Truth that You can Believe as been 

Composed, Written and Designed by Me,


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Don L . Johnson