Deep-Deep Shit of World Trouble



RIGHT NOW!  TODAY” If You May, we are in a Deep-Deep Shit of World Trouble  We’ve got a Volatile Dangerous Enemy in North Korea, shooting off Missiles towards one of our Allies of Japan and also making progress on testing underground Nuclear Bombs with the intention of reaching us, our mainland ... We’ve got another Enemy, Iran, with the same intentions of wiping us out ... we’ve got the Ongoing Battle with the Taliban and ISIS and the like of the same ... We’ve got a Military Buildup of Chinese Man-Made islands as Facility Out Posts in the South China Seas Why? ... And at the helm, Vladimir Putin's Perfect Weapon: of Cyber Power invading our country - Undermining our Democracy ... and, worst of all, we’ve got a Looney-Tune-Buffoon - Screwball-Imbecile of a Mentally Disturbed Figmented Character with the Mentality of Six Year Old Bully Pretending to be President - in Charge of our Countrys Decisions as though he is playing a Videogame to the Fame of His Shitty Name…


Yet, sadly enough, as it is, we have those in Congress that doesn’t care anymore than his Mindless Minions - who supported him into office and continue to support him - Today - as His Forte of a, Pun Intended, Unprecedented - Low-Class - Embarrassing  - F--k Up!


Yes, it is a sad day - when Integrity doesn’t Rule over what’s Right over Wrong Thinking for the stability of the country’s best interest, instead of theirs,  Politicians  ... But, as History Recorded it: it was abuse of Power, Corrupt and Power-Thirsty Politicians and Emperors of the Greatest Contributions to the Fall of the Roman Empires 500 Year Reign.


The Roman Empire was the Post-Roman Republic Period of the Ancient Roman Civilization, Characterized by Government headed by Emperors and Large Territorial Holdings around the Mediterranean Sea, Africa and Asia…


But, Today, the Hypocrisy of Evil Hearts - Rules the Minds of 

 Power, Greed, Ignorance and Hate that Controls our Fate.

It’s been like that throughout Human History,

But not like with today’s Destructive Technology that can Literally

Destroy Our Whole Planet with Everything on it

I'm afraid that the only thing that can save it from us, Now!

is through God's  Intervention...



Composed, Written and Designed by,

Don L. Johnson