The   Vice   Antichrist




Anything Less, Is Nonsense!


- Anytime you Unwittingly Revel with the Devil -



You are subjectively Subjected to his - Twee-dally-Dees and Twi-dally-Dumbs of his,

  Evil - Moronic - Idiotic - Mentally-Disturbed-Outcomes!

- So You Had Better Be Aware - 


- As to be Prepared, because this Guy Is Not Fair - 

- For His Evil is in Disguise - 

- Deviously Full of His Lies!


 Which nose do you trust the most? 


Pinocchio’s isn’t Really Real, whereas trump’s is the Real Ordeal


But, let’s face it; -- God Knows that this is a matter 


Of Good-Nose versus Evil-Nose, but Hell


 is where trump goes, However,


He'll be glad to take


you with him!





Fraudulently, the Battles of Evil may have Won the Score, but,Ultimately,


In the end, God will Win the War and Defeat theS core!










with Respect,


to the Parallel to Hell,







Look, with Decency of what everything Good stands forI literally Hate and Despise everything that Donald Trump stands for that is Beyond the Pail of Evil that he Represents and Practices – thereforeI know that there is not an Ounce of Good in Him because of His Empty Heart and Departed Soul…


As far as Russia goeswith the Devils Deed - Putin planted his Seed for His Donald to Grow His Crop -where he Drained the Swamp – and Now His Evil Prevails – with the Devil’s Details - of which Proceeds the following of Need for Greed, 



Simply putit’s a Battle between Good and Evil - where the Devil Goes the Devil Controls.





" I  Mean --Come-on -- Whos Side Are You On -- Any Way? 

Oh Well - what the Hell - follow who you May, but Victoriously,

 the Truth will Forever Reman to Stay - on the side of God - within Me

---------------- and My Destiny" ----------------


Composed,Written and Designed by,

Don L. Johnson