“  The Heart And Soul Of  The Matter - Is That,


No   Matter WhomEver You Are ------ As  To  Be True


  Your Character Is  ForEver   Judged - ByWhat You Say And Or Do


 Don L.. Johnson



Integrity: is the Moral Character of the Will - for which the Dignity of Ethics, Values and or Principles are realized by choosing a Life Lived for Good over Bad and Right over Wrong thinking - It is the Unwavering of Moral Character that Earns the Respect it Deserves. With all due respect, anyone who would Consciously Choose to go against it - Let alone Doing - is indeed - lacking the Integrity of Moral Character, Thus, unearned undue respect


" If your Heart is Hollow - of being Right 

then your Brain will Follow - while being in Flight "  


Don L..Johnson



Comparatively; just like the devil is to God - Good verses Bad - is like a Positive and or Negative on Opposite sides of a Battery - if the two touch one another, you get an arc of a spark - that represents the sudden discharge of a circuit (perform the experiment with a car battery and you’ll see: Well, don't do that. - It could cause an explosion!) The electrons want their anode, bad, and since you just gave them a clear path that will Zap you into a Shocking Persuasion to Submission! - In other words, don’t get Short-Circuited through the Wrong Source that may be driving you in the wrong direction - Keep your current flowing in the right direction - less your fuse  blows your Circuit Breaker.


Trust me, when I say that - I Dislike, Distrust and Disrespect Both the Clintons and the Bushes for which they stood "just like maybe You"!,  but Donald Trump makes both of them look extremely Trustworthy, Honest, Smart and Intelligent as of our past Presidents Common Sense of Abilities of running our country - in the eyes of Respect.


That said, Donald Trump doesn’t have a Fuse to Blow the Circuit to his Head  because his Battery  is Dead - thus the reason why - he has no Conscious to Focus, because he is Consciously Bogus.


As repeatedly demonstrated, Donald Trump's biggest Threat and Fear is the Integrity of his Enemy, because he knows he lacks it himself - so, to get the Focus off of himself - he uses Reverse Ppsychology to Insult and Criticize the Integrity of his Enemy - of which is Everyone who Opposes himBut, the only one's that he's Fooling is - Himself and His Followers.


As Benjamin Franklin said and put it, 

" Any Fool can Criticize,

Condemn and Complain as most Fools do"






" Despite his Megalomaniac-Monarchy of Malarkey Behavior, if there 

is anything that I'm really sure of it would be that (Donald Trump) cares about

One thing and One thing Only and that is to Profit for the Narcissistic Love of Himself "




Me, Don L..Johnson


I suppose that we shouldn't put all the Blame to his Name, because, after all, he is the Outcome of his Dad's Name and His Dad's Name - was the Addicted Outcome to Selfish Gain and His Selfish Gain was Addicted to the Tool of Evil and the Tool of Evil is of the Root to the Devil - it's just as simple as that   

In other words - Like Father Like Son - with Integrity of None!


Actually, the only thing that I can make sense of - by the way he acts - is that Donald Egomaniac-Narcissistic Trumpexemplifies all the Characteristics of the Antichrist - he is indeed - the Personification of what Evil is all about in every Uncontrollable Way  - There is not an Honest Bone in his body, however, not to his and his followers way thinking - after all - he says that he alone can fix things According to World Events, ETC. - he has also said that - he doesn’t need God’s Forgiveness, MeaningSupportbecause he thinks that he is Beyond Him - Doesn’t that sound like what an Antichrist would say or do - along with all of the other things being Considered about his on Going - Prophetic Revealing CharacterProof that Donald Trump is the Antichrist  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c6X92er-L_c - Donald Trump's presidency Fulfills End Times Prophecy  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CbUR-76VXjI


As this shouldn’t be Shocking News, but, Power and Greed is of the Devil’s Creed - while Ignorance and Hate - Stokes the Devil’s Bait - while He Performs Mind Control over Your Soul - turned into a Mindless Minion - without The're own Logical Opinions that Makes Sense - instead of Senselessness - In this case, Followers of Hate - instead Leaders of Faith - Please keep in mind of the following Quote,

" Come on, in Regards to

 knowing Your Cards and Checking Your Deck

You don’t have to be a Card Shark 

in order to Recognize that a Spade is a Spade by the Deal You have Made

because when You Play with the Devil - You Do Lose "


Composed, written and designed by, 

Don L.. Johnson