Where is Your Heart and Soul

Do You Know???



Near or Far -------- no matter where you are -------- From your Past to the Present -

sometimes Unpleasant - you Live and Learn - so that your Heart's can Discern

from what is or was -- Right from Wrong -- to wherever you've Gone.

Yet, we ALL have Sinned --- Falling short of the glory of God,

But, the Good news is that Jesus is the Key - to set

us Free from within our Heart for a Brand

New Start All We have to do is to

-- Believe then Recieve--






Either or - Good or Bad  -

 no matter whether ------- after I'm Dead 

Ain’t ever seen Halo  Hanging over my Head  -- But -- still -

Even Soul - I do Know that my Heart was Right - given my all in God's Sight .


Composed , Written  and  Designed  as  Signed  by,

Don  L . Johnson